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July 2008
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We Get 2 KillSomething

Well.. Actually it’s 3.. As in 3v3.. I’ve had this 3v3 team (KillSomething) languishing on Fimlys for a while.  Traebear, Kezz and I put it together at one point, but were disillusioned pretty quickly.  I kept it though and we put it to use last night.  Well, a different “we”. 

The group consisted of Wickum (Tree Drood), Fyra (Boom Drood) and a DPS Warrior.  We started at 1500 (since the new season) and ended at 1467. We went 4-6 which isn’t bad for a team that hadn’t played these toons together before.  I think I am finally getting the hang of my abilities and when to use them.  We’ll see how things go next week.. 😀

Ok.. flash back to earlier that evening and Heroic Shattered Halls. One Pally Tank, one holy priest, 2 mages (arcane & fire) and 1 Boomy Boomkin. We had a great time only wiped on the final boss due to bad placement.  (well, there was one other accidental pull, but the pally DI’ed the priest before we wiped, so no runback)

SH_063008_205352 Nothing dropped that I could use, but I did finish the quest to get the Urn to summon Nightbane. Now all 3 of my 70s can do it.  And I have the quest to get the nice gem when I kill him next.. 🙂 Woot!

Anyway.. Soooo, that’s it for last night. Tonight is, hopefully, another run at SSC. Maybe if we can get the group together a little faster we can actually have a few more shots at the Lurker. Eh, I suppose we will see.. With a lot of new healers coming up now, I might someday be able to bring Fimlys back into there or maybe even Fyra (which would be quite awesome).. I suppose we shall see.. :D  Later all!