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June 2008
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We Trash a Lot

Another weekend over. Again I need to sit back and remember what happened this weekend. Ah yes.. SSC, Z’A, SL…. A plethora of acronyms!

Friday night was an SSC trash run (Serpent Shrine Cavern). We were pretty sure we had no chance on any of the bosses given that we had a maximum of 18 members of the raid at any one time. However, with only 18 members, we wiped 2 times at the beginning and then successfully cleared all the trash up to the Lurker without incident. WoWScrnShot_062708_235145 We decided to go ahead and give him a try and I think we MIGHT have gotten 1% … off of his health before wiping.. Ah well, I think with 25, we might be able to do a little better.

Saturday was my Zul’Aman run. My head was pounding so I asked our “normal” raid leader if he minded running the thing for me. We went ahead in.. I brought Fhuun into the raid to help with the healing. We wiped once on the 2nd to last set of trash near the bear boss. We missed the timer because of that, but we still got the boss down in one shot.

FhuunZA_062808_234814 We moved on to the eagle boss and dropped him in a few tries and then moved on toward the dragonhawk boss. We tried to go north around the hatchery, but we got constantly smashed by the group over there. We tried the “run through the hatchery” and it was significantly easier than the other way was. We had Traebear our Pally tank to help out with all the birds. 🙂

We gave a good shot at the dragonhawk boss, but were unable to seal the deal. We gave up after quite a few tries and called it a night.

WoWScrnShot_062908_234445 Sunday I logged in and healed a group that was going for Ahune. We didn’t get what the 2 were looking for in the 5 tries though. Afterwards I got together an Heroic Shadow Labyrinth run since it was the heroic daily and even the non-heroic daily. We waited around for our tank for a while and then invited Jess to bring her Tree Druid and heal the run.

WoWScrnShot_063008_024510 We had to clear the first room in non-heroic so she could get her key, but that was fun too. We reset in Heroic and went to work. We one shot all the bosses except for Murmur. In heroic he is a pain in the tushie! Finally we got him down in the end and finished up the quest (Jess had a lot of SL quests to do also). EDIT: Oooh! I forgot that Fyra got epic pants! The Kirin Tor Master’s Trousers dropped from Murmur and made me very happy! I gemmed them up with 3 heroic gem drops I have been collecting. I am almost up to the spell hit cap now.. I am doing some pretty sick DPS considering I am not even completely geared. 😀

That was it for the weekend. I spent time working on Episode 6 of the Twisted Nether Blogcast too. Tonight is Monday and that means Arena night and just hanging out. I’ll detail the goings on tomorrow.!

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