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June 2008
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Katatonic Healer, LFG

I logged into Fhuun last night figuring that even though I hadn’t signed up for the Kara run, they would probably need a healer.. :P  So, yeah.. I went ahead and signed up when I logged in and got the invite not long after 9. There were only 2 healers this run, Karine (Kezz’s Drood) and Me. With Karine there, I was really only an afterthought. I bet (other than her many deaths) she could have healed the whole thing herself, no problem.

OnShoulders_062608_221832 I was pretty sleepy throughout the run though. And I swear I wasn’t REALLY awake for a couple of those boss fights (Curator especially)..  We got all the way through to killing the Shade of Aran including the Maiden (which we usually skip).  I really am pretty sure I was “Sleephealing” through most of it. I definitely put the truth into the name of my blog last night.

Obviously nothing dropped for Fhuun (since he doesn’t need anything) other than badges, but we had a few “lower” geared folks in with us that got the good loot anyway. In the Shade fight it was pretty amazing how fast we got him down to the elemental level.  We had 2 Mages, 1 Rogue, 1 Feral, 1 RestoDruid, 1 Enhancement Shaman, 1 Holy Priest, 2 Hunters and a Warlock.  We were definitely stacked well on the side of DPS.

NiceStaff_062708_003859 Tonight we actually have a signup for SSC! I think the plan is to go in and see how we do on the trash.  I really hope we get enough people on to head in. I assume I’ll probably have to bring Fhuun for da healz, but I suppose you never know.  Also, tonight we are doing our interview for Episode 6 of TNB, so I’ll have to leave “early” anyway. Good luck out there!

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