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June 2008
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Karo de Zhano

Well, we still aren’t getting the Gruul numbers.  We’ve got a few “new” members that created alts on Draenor and are leveling up.  In a few weeks (if not sooner) we might have some new folks to join us in Kara and then drag them into Gruul’s with us.  It would almost be nice to have to turn people away who want to go!  Arghh..  I know we have the people, we just can’t get them all online at the same time.. haha…

Anyway, so Gruul scrapped, we pushed up the Kara run to start last night (surprising, eh?). We headed in with 2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps..  Fyra was once again near the top of the damage chart.  I am so proud of her boomyness…

Before the first pull, our MT was having a bit of Outfitter trouble.  It seemed that outfitter wanted him to shoot arrows out of his gun… Ahh… It still makes me chuckle just thinking about it. (the following is a reenactment and does not reflect the TRUE conversation had in the foyer of Karazhan)

  • RL: “Ok, Pull when ready”
  • MT: “I’m having a bit of gun trouble”
  • RL: “Gun trouble?”
  • MT: “Yeah, outfitter is giving me fits”
  • RL: “Fits?”
  • MT: “It seems to want me to shoot arrows out of my bow”
  • Raid: “ROFL!”

BeginKara_062408_214940Ok.. ok.. It was funny at the time.. So there!  Anyway, the group did awesome. We one-shot all the bosses we tried (in order of the trying): Attumen, Moroes, Opera (R&J), Curator, Maiden. We had to swap out our Resto Druid for a Holy Pally before the Curator due to IRL issues. But everything went awesome. Fyra picked up some healy gear (bah) and a bunch of badges (nuttin wrong wit badgers…).

It was getting pretty late after that, but I offered to help Jess get her drood through BM for her Elixir Mastery. We couldn’t find another DPS (we had 4/5 ready) so we canned it for the night. I spent a little more time playing with the new TNB Wiki and then the bed beckoned.