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June 2008
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Fire Festival Flowers are Fabulous

Well, maybe not. I did a few of the quests this weekend the new midsummer festival. I even participated in a few cracks at Ahune.  We had some cloaks drop and the Scythe.

I’m sorry for the lack of an update yesterday. I suppose these things happen. But.. More importantly we finally god Episode 5 of the Twisted Nether Blogcast up!  Go listen.. Well, only if you want to…

Ok.. back to me.. ME ME ME! (oh wait, that was me too…) Friday Gruul didn’t happen so we did what we always do…. Formed another Kara run. I had to leave early again to go interview Pike. So anyway, the run went well. We had a paladin and warrior tanks and we flew through everything pretty well.  We had a newly joined resto druid along with Karine (kess’ resto druid). Fhuun was also there healing. A couple of rogues, mages and a warlock.

WoWScrnShot_062208_013644 On Saturday we were supposed to go to Z’A but we couldn’t get the right peeps together so we ended up finishing up the Kara run from Friday. It went really well again and we cleared the place out.

Over the weekend I did pick up a new trinket for Fyra. The Icon of the Silver Crescent. It replaced a green trinket so I was pretty happy about that.

Monday during the day I took a few 60s (61, etc) into Ramparts. I brought Fyra so that I could tank/dps/heal.. :)  It was fun and we only wiped a couple of times.  Both the hunter and priest we had with us got some gear and the two warriors learned a little bit.. I think.. 😛

Staff_062208_031558 Monday night was a tale of 2 heroics.  We did the daily heroic which was Underbog and then swapped one player and went into Steam Vaults. Not much useful dropped but it was fun and we got badges. Later the 3v3 team I am in got in their last matches for season 3. We ended up 6-4 which is pretty awesome for us! Haha..

Short post. Not feeling the energy today.. Just need some sleep I think.. :P  Later all!