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June 2008
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Druid Balancing Act

Finished up Kara last night. It was one of the easiest 2nd halves we have ever done. We had a little waiting around as some people swapped hither and yon a few times, but we one shot everything and had a blast.  I got the offhand from Netherspite, Jewel of Infinite Possibilities which has a nice chunk of SpellHit on it.

Fyra now has 139 Spell Hit. With 83% base spell hit on a Level 73 boss, +4% for Balance of Power talent and ~11% for the 139 spell hit, I am looking at 98% chance to hit.  I need only 13 more SpellHit to get to the 152 Spellhit Cap according to WoWWiki. I took a little hit on SpellDmg, but I’m happier being close to the hit cap.

Other news! Fyra also kept up with one of our best mages (Kezz) for the whole run.  The only boss we slipped on was Netherspite since I had to tank the 2nd 1/2 of the first red beam. That seriously hampers my spelldamage/spellhit gear. 🙂

Fyra_061908_225907 After the Kara run, we got a group together to go do Heroic Botianica. I brought in Fhuun to heal since he needed 10 more badges for the new mace he has been eyeing. We finished the run pretty quickly. And overall, it was really easy (no wipes) and somewhat productive. I got 5 of the 10 badges I needed and a bunch of Scryer rep stuff I sent to Fyra. In addition, I picked up the pattern for the Battlecast Pants. If the mats weren’t so crazy I would have already made a pair for Fyra. She has some other things to get before worrying about those!

Tonight might be Gruul’s if we can get enough ppl on. And then the next night is my Z’A run.  I’m hoping we can down the dragonhawk boss this time.  I think we can do it!  I may/may not post this weekend, but I’ll be back on Monday! Peace!

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