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June 2008
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Float Da Boat

I’m not sure I really want to do another Kara post. I have so many.  Blah blah.  We killed these bosses (yay).  We got this lootz (yay). We wiped this many times (yay)…  But nothing else much happened last night. Lets see. 

I logged in a bit early (although I think that is going to be stopping, I think I’m gonna be heading it just around 9pm ET now) and decided to work on Fimlys’ fishing skill. So I got him from 250 to 260 and then had to switch to Fyra for Kara.

Oh! And Magister’s Terrace was the daily heroic… There is still actual gear I want on both Fyra and Fhuun in there.. But, Kara was what was happenin’.  So, I went and got the quest even though we might not go there last night. Here is a hint, if you want to be able to do a particular instance as the daily heroic but can’t do it the day it is the daily, go get it when it is and then you can run it and turn it in any day before you drop the quest.  Obviously you can’t pick up any others until you drop/complete it and you also can’t do another one the day you turn it in.

Fyra ended up getting a ton of Healing gear in Kara, and also some cloth DPS bracers. We got all the way through the Shade so tonight will be nice and easy to start out with. Maybe we can do the heroic afterwards :)  Actually, Fhuun is so close to 150 badges, I really want to get him though a few. I also need to get Sporeggar rep up on Fyra so she can pick up the transmute there. It doesn’t seem like an easy grind. Ick.. Ok.. back to other stuff i go.. 

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