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June 2008
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Lab Coats

Well, Gruul’s was somewhat of a bust. We were pretty short (at least 5 peeps, I think) of people last night and though we went in to give it a try, we lost tanks way too quick too many times to keep going. We were a little short on healers (at least one more would have been good) and VERY short on DPS.  Ah well, if we can get more either healers or dps we would be fine, since all the healers also have dps alts/mains/etc..

The raid leader called it after a few “wipes” (well, “RUN OUT!”s) and we got a group together to go do Heroic Shadow Labyrinth. Fyra needed to kill Murmur for her Na’aru quests. We did extremely well through pretty much the entire instance up until Murmur himself. With the heroic mechanics, you have to all stay inside the ring until the big blast. 

Murmur_061808_001336 We had our tank (Traebear: Pally Tank Supreme) even stay in during those so he didn’t have issues getting back in. We wiped a few times while we figured out this strategy though. Finally, although both mages and my moonkin went down, Wickum (Resto Druid) battle rezzed one of them and they finally got him down. I picked up all my quest items (it was the heroic daily also) and we headed out.

I turned in the quests and then had to call it a night as I needed to get up early the next morning. Tonight it is back to Kara night. I’m hoping Fyra can pick up some stuff this time. A new offhand and cloak would be nice. I also am thinking of starting her building up her Alchemy Stone stuff. I just have that first one. The second level one is pretty crazy mats.

Well, that’s it! Talk 2 ewes tomorrow. 😀

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