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June 2008
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P3ncils v P3ns

Monday is an “off” night.  That generally means we don’t Raid.  Sunday usually is too, but we were finishing up a Kara run this week. Monday also means that the Arena teams run their 10 games per team before Tuesday roll around.

I logged in to Fyra at the usual time and did some farming and a daily or two. Then I decided to give Jess a hand with leveling her druid in the bone wastes. Turns out I had never done the quest she was working on. It was fun, because she is specced Boomkin also for now (she is 66). So we had the boomkin sisters running around killing spiders and then the big monster spider thingy.

3v3_061608_224439 We hung out for a while until I was pinged by Stopitnow (guildie rogue) asking if I wanted to join a 3v3 with him and one of our dps warriors.  Sure!  And they wanted Fyra!  Wow, this was going to be interesting..  I was right. It was loads of fun.  We all stealthed (the warrior was a NE) and stopit and I ran around checking out the competition. We ended up going 4-6 and I think our rating went up a little (the team was pretty low rated to begin with). I had a great time!

Afterwards a group was put together to go run Heroic Slave Pens. It was the Daily Heroic instance and since Fhuun needs badges, I offered to bring him in.  Coilfang_061608_232834 We cleared it out without a single wipe and in about an hour (maybe less).  We had Bear Tank, Stopitnow (Rogue), DPS Warrior, Warlock and Healing Priest (me). It was cool to have an “Off Tank” (actually 2, since stopit OTed sometimes also).  It did take some paying attention to the healing though, since DPS warriors tend to take a lot of damage.  We did great though and it was a good run.  Nothing much dropped but I got the 3 badges from the run and 2 more from the quest (in addition to gold and random greens).

FyraOrc_061608_204615 Oh, almost forgot. Before all this, I was helped to get the Zuluhed the Whacked quest done so I could start on my Netherwing quests. Thanks to everyone that helped me kill the dude.. He can be a real pain.

And that, as they say, was that. I actually logged off somewhat early (for me) and headed to bed. Tonight is Gruul’s hopefully. I assume they will want Fhuun for at least the HK fight and then Fimlys for Gruul. At some point I would like to drag Fyra into there too.  Might be interesting to get the +5% crit to a group of mages and such.. 🙂

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