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June 2008
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A Raid Too Far’Aman

It is Monday, right? Sorry for the “lateish” post, but I was working on Episode 4 of TNB.  Finally it is up so I can get back to serious business… 😛

Friday night we were supposed to finish up Gruul’s but, like last week, we didn’t have the peeps to do it.  So, another Kara run was started up and Fhuun was invited in to heal. He can actually use the badges (I’m really close to getting that nice Mace…) so that was fine with me.  We had a particularly interesting party setup which you can read about here (no sense on re-inventing the wheel).  We did a pretty good job and then after the Curator I had to logout to interview Bear… 🙂

Saturday was the big day. My second leading of the Zul’Aman raid. We got the group together pretty quickly and headed in. We were trying for the timed run (at least to the first boss), but we wiped on the last trash pull.  We tried to let the tanks each take 2 of the mobs, but they were just overwhelmed.  So, we did some CC once we got back in, but we were left with too little time to get the boss down.  We wiped once on the big bear boss (hmm…)  , Nalorakk, and then headed over to the gauntlet before Akil’zon. We got the Eagle boss down the first try though (and no problems in the gauntlet either). 

WoWScrnShot_061508_002829I decided we were going to head over to Jan’alai and that is when the pain started.  We had only done this set of trash once and we had a few bad pulls and a few missteps, but we finally made it to the boss. Once again, we had only seen him once before and not everyone in the raid had been there.  I explained the fight as best I could and we moved in. During one of our attempts we actually got him down below the 35% mark… and forgot about the fact he hatches all the eggs that are left… ooops.. All of us go boom..

The main saving grace on this boss is that he is resettable.  We had to quit around 12:30am my time, but I am pretty certain that this fight is doable with this group.  Next week, I think we are going to sub out one of the 2 warriors for a pally tank. Oh yeah, we had:

  • 2 Warriors (Tanks, Duh..)
  • 3 Healers (Druid, Paladin, Priest)
  • 5 DPS (2 Hunters [inc. Fimlys, woot], 1 Shadow Priest [LJ], 1 Warlock and a Mage)

DeadAgain_061508_003325 This was a pretty good group. I think swapping out for a pally tank will help us overall though. Next week, we’re getting Jan’alai down! After the run ended, I went to finish recording the podcast.

Sunday was father’s day and I spent most of the day away from the computer. That evening I logged in and a continuation of the Kara run from Friday was commencing. Fhuun joined up and we did fine on Chess (duh) and the Prince. Then Netherspite kicked our butts until we quit and went down to tackle Nightbane. We finally got Nightbane down, I don’t remember if we one shot him or not, and then went on to the Maiden. Our tank wasn’t so sure about this fight since she has a silence effect (tough for Paladin tanks) but we handled it without much effort. Obviously there was nothing that dropped for Fhuun except for badges.

Anzu_061608_011847 After the Kara run, a group of us got together and ran Heroic Sethekk Halls. Which was not only the Daily Heroic, but I also needed to kill the first boss for the quest to summon Nightbane. Frya came along since she was the one needing the quest and we had 2 mages, a warrior and a priest. Have to say our DPS was not lacking! The only place we had any problem was on the last boss and some misfortunate happenings that kept us wiping. We even went back and killed Anzu, but no mount dropped (oh well).

Tonight is the PvP and “Off” night. We’ll pick up the raiding schedule again tomorrow. For now, I must go. That’s all I gotz. Peace folksies.

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