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June 2008
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Don’t Follow The Shadow Priest

Here is a little bit of wisdom from last night, I need to impart upon my children. When faced with the prospect of peer pressure, I will ask, “If a shadow priest jumped off a bridge, would you?”.  Last night, Jess went up to the bridge before the back entrance to Kara at the start of the raid.  Our MT decided to put himself on /follow with her and go AFK. She proceeded up the stairs and then was reminded that we could port up to the Shade’s room because we killed him last night. Cursing under her breath she proceeded to then jump and “levitate” down to the ground so she could go into the front door.

The tank finally gets back from AFK to exclaim, “Whoa! How did that happen?”. It turns out that he dutifully Followed Jess off the bridge! She lost a tank and she wasn’t even healing.. So, children, remember this well.. Don’t ever put a shadow priest on /follow….  It can be detrimental to your health. 

PilFyra_061208_210756 So, yeah, we were back in Kara for night #2. If we got through the rest of the bosses, then Fyra would have all 150 (exactly) Badges of Justice to pick up the Scryer’s Blade of Focus. After the events of the story above, we ported up and headed to the Chess Event. We had a few little mishaps on the way.  One was pulling 3 of the consortium-type dudes in the big round room at the same time!!

We also picked up both of the ones up by Netherspite also at the same time. So, Chess was easy and then we headed to the Prince.  We had a few odd bugs (or just bad timing) things happen. One big one was an Enfeeble right before his axes came a calling to the rest of the raid. Both healers were Enfeebled and the axes one shot each of them. I popped out of Moonkin to start healing (the prot pally we had was offline) and was doing okay until I ran out of mana. I popped an innervate and a mana pot and when I tried to cast a heal, the tank was out of range.  That delay was enough for him to go down and so did the rest of us.

PrinceTime_061208_225124 Luckily the pally logged back in just then and rezzed us all.. 🙂 Lol, does that still conut as a wipe? We did finally get him down the next time and then headed down to Netherspite. This fight went fine. I got to take the 2nd 1/2 of the first red beam in the rotation again. Actually, I think we wiped the first time (or did we? Ugh.. the memory, she is going).

We then took a header off the stairs (an accidental pull of some odd respawns in the way) and made our way down to Nightbane.  He was a nightMARE in all reality.  We usually can do alright, but it took quite a few tries to finally get him down.  And on that try, the MT died pretty quickly and the OT picked him up and held him for the rest of the fight.  I also died around the last of the flight sections. But he died, and that is what matters. I got the Uni-Mind Headdress (I think it was karma since I passed on the T4 head token to the bear tank…)

FyraDead_061308_003800 Back in and over to Maiden and we got her down in one shot without any issues. All in all, I picked up a ring ( Ring of Recurrence ) and the headpiece and a few badges.. But.. I was 2 badges short! We didn’t kill Illhoof! Um.. what do I do? I really wanted to get that dagger tonight.. “/t Piladden Wanna go do a quick Heroic Mech run after this?”…  “Um, ok…”.  So, we found a few others and we set off to get my other badges… (Yeah, it was pretty late by then, but I NEEDED THAT DAGGER!!!!)

Off to Mech we went and it generally went great. We had 3 pretty good DPS and enough CC to handle the groups well enough. We ended up clearing the whole place and I then ported back to Shat to pick up my shiny dagger. I got the Spelldmg enchant and am now over 900 +spelldmg. I think self-buffed I am at 902. My spell hit rating is up to 118 so I am getting closer..

Mech_061308_014221 Was VERY late by that time and so I logged out. Tonight is the continuation of us beating our heads against Gruul (Hmm, maybe that is what we are doing wrong.. We should use weapons maybe).  Hopefully we can get him down quick and move on to clear trash in SSC. Tomorrow night I lead the Zul’Aman run. We moved it to Saturday to see if we could get more “appropriately geared” people to come. I will now leave you to your RL/WOW pursuits! May your loot be pentiful…