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June 2008
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Rolling Need…

First things first.  I have a request to the addon community out there.  I want an ACE addon that will export a list of all my addons.  I have an addon right now that I use called ACP (Addon Control Panel). I want something like this (or an update to this addon) that will let me export a list of addons with options to categorize them and figure out what the “main” addon is and which are libraries/dependencies/etc. I understand you can’t write an addon that writes out anything but a config file, but then maybe a website (I can probably run it) that parses those config files and gives you a nice HTML list (or somesuch) would be awesome.. PLEASE! :D  OK.. That’s done.. Thanks…

Last night I had a pleasant surprise in that Jess transferred over her other 2 “main” toons to my server. She is a great player and will be an asset to our guild!

I was farming for a bit on Fyra when I got whispered to come help with one of the 5v5 teams.  I asked if I could try out Fyra and they said sure.. Well, Fyra isn’t so good at PvP.. LOL… After 4 matches, I swapped out for Fhuun and we won a few of the remainder.  We actually increased our rating over the 10 games because the ones we won were BIG wins (like 20+ points each).  Most of the losses were low (8 points, 11 points…). It was pretty fun.  I like it mostly because it is also pretty fast.  On a few times Fhuun healed over 42k hp over the match!

DeadAgain_060908_233452The the GL wanted to run into our “cleared” Kara with his 69 Warlock and get the book from the Maiden area… Well, the raidID he joined had a small problem…. We hadn’t killed the Maiden yet! LOL… He got smacked down by the mobs there and then put together 10 of us that were either already saved to that ID or hadn’t run Kara that week at all (well, on particular ALTS).  We ran in and took out the Maiden pretty quick and cleared the room with the book.  I brought Fhuun since that was the ID he was saved to. 

BigAndDead_061008_012759 After the quick run for the book, we got a group together to run Heroic Blood Furnace. The group consisted of 2 Druids (Bear Tank and Oomkin (Fyra)), 2 Priests (Pil [Holy], Jessmyn [Jess/Shadow]) and Arienna (Kezz’ Hunter). We didn’t do all that badly considering our lack of CC. We had quite a few wipes on trash but the bosses were actually pretty simple (isn’t that usually the case with Heroics).  3 Badges later (and a large repair bill) we were done around 2am my time and that was all she wrote.

Tonight Tonight Tonight… It is Gruul night. Hopefully we will have enough to clear the whole place out.  Maybe, if we do it quick enough, we can head into SSC for some trash clearing. Wish us luck!