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June 2008
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Spoonful of Kara

Once again, It has happened. It keeps happening. I don’t know why. I can’t stop it! Every week. Like clock-work. The weekend is over!!! And it is time for me to get back to the real world (Whatever that is).

So, what did I do this weekend?  Well, I cleaned up my office.  Made it a little quieter for the podcast “tapings”. And… I “rebuilt” one of my home servers (new MB/Proc/Mem). Recorded Episode 3. Oh.. and I played WoW.. (of course)

Friday night we were trying to get back into Gruul’s to take down the big boss (only got HK down on tues). We were unsuccessful in getting enough peeps online to even attempt it. So… Instead we put together an ad-hoc Kara run to which Fhuun was invited.

Fhuun_060708_235628 The run wasn’t too bad. There were a lot of unnecessary deaths (mostly to the healers of course) but we progressed.  I had to go just before we hit the Curator (recording our special guest) but another healer stepped in and they did fine. We finished that run on Saturday, but didn’t get Illhoof, Nightbane or Maiden.  I once again had to log out (this time around 1) so we could finish taping the show.

Sunday I spent a lot of the day editing and then tried to get a Z’A run going when I logged in at the normal time.  We had a lack of the rightly geared people on (and a missing MT), so we had to scrub it. WoWScrnShot_060808_221449 Instead I took Fimlys into an Heroic Magister’s Terrace run and then Fyra into a Heroic Shattered Halls run. I know… FIMLYS! I really forgot how to run instances with him.. By the end of the run though, I was chain trapping like the good ol’ days.  Only the 3rd “boss”(es) gave us any difficulty (LOTS OF DIFFICULTY) because we got BOTH warriors.. Bah!

In Shattered Halls, Fyra got the Trial of the Na’ru quest done (to get the axe in SH) but the “timed” quest bugged on us and didn’t let us complete it.  We also had a lot more wipes than we are used to, but learned how to do some of the larger pulls in there (after the gauntlet) without causing wipes. (LOS them around the corner.)  For the last boss, I even popped out of Boomkin and started healing when Pil went down (our priest).  I had (under orders) battle rezzed Stopitnow (our rogue) prior to that occurrence and so didn’t have it when healer goes boom. I ran out of mana healing just as the boss went down.. .(WOOT!)

Woot_060908_012222 Amazingly enough (probably because of Hunter/Rogue deaths), Fyra came out looking pretty good against better geared DPS in the group. Woot! She is getting there.

I’m hoping that now I am “back” from my conference I will have more time to put up some more “useful” posts. Tonight is Monday night and that means.. Uh.. Not really sure.  I think most people do their Arena runs. I also need to talk to the RL to see when we can reschedule Z’A.  Sunday just doesn’t seem to be working for us.

I’ll hopefully have another poll up by the end of the day.. I think it might be Z’A related! Have a good one!

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