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June 2008
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Tastes Like Chicken

Oddly enough, I am here. I missed a post yesterday (although you had a great guest post and a new poll!) so you have NO idea what I have been up to.  I know you are all waiting patiently (or not so patiently).  But then again, you might not care one whit for what is going on with me or Fyra or Fhuun or Fimlys. You don’t, do you?  Well, I really don’t have any other ideas on what to post about today, so, too bad.

Mythos has been changing it’s schedule a little bit lately.  With the “bringing up” of more “Gruul worthy” candidates and the re-emergence of some long-lost friends, we decided that it was time to test ourselves.  Tuesday was the day and you heard about that. So, Kara (which we have previously been running twice a week [4 days worth]) was pushed back to Wednesday.  I signed up to bring Fyra in and as soon as the Raid Leader logged in, we headed inside. Along for the ride was our newest joining raider, Hunter Cairessa (also known as Lady Jess) who transferred over a week or so ago (maybe more…).

WoWScrnShot_060408_212253 Things went really well in general.  We sailed through the raid picking up badges/etc.  Mainly healing gear dropped and since I had most of that already, our Bear tank picked it up (just in case). We did Attumen, Moroes, Opera (Big Bad Wolf) and Maiden.  Then, unfortunately, I had to leave for a bit.  They brought in someone else and cleared out Curator, Shade and Nightbane. Cairessa got her T4 Glove token and was pretty happy about the raid overall (you can read her take on her blog).

After the raid, we formed a group to go take on Heroic Steamvaults. It wasn’t the daily, but our Bear tank needed the rep and I had a quest to kill the last boss in there.. WoWScrnShot_060508_025610We had a Bear Tank, Pil Healer (Holy Priest), Arienna (Hunter), Rogue and Fyra (Laser Chicken of Doom).  There were some issues with the first boss though.  In heroic she does a little too much damage for us to be able to take out the 2 adds she has and then burn her down.

So, finally we found a strategy that we have the hunter misdirect the boss to her pet which would be “far” away and then kite it herself after pet died. This was a great idea, except that Arienna put her pet a little too far away and after casing Misdirect, ran back to the boss to shoot her and…. Pet de-summoned!!! OOOP!.. So, Arienna ended up kiting her by herself for a bit until we killed the adds.  We got them down just in time to see Arienna die and the boss start making her way back to us.  We had no troubles burning her down now and our Hunter Savior was rezzed and we moved on.  The other bosses (including Kalithresh himself) posed no problems and we walked away with rep and loot.

Prince_060508_215139 Last night (Thursday), we ventured back into Kara to finish it up. We made our way up and cleared the Chess Event and then up to the Prince.  I have to say it was one of the easiest Prince fights I have been a part of in a while. No infernals dropped in front of us, no random aggro, no deaths at all, in fact (other than a poor kitty). What should drop from him? Light’s Justice! Nobody else wanted it, so I took it. Amazingly enough, it was an upgrade from the dagger I was using (update to Spell Dmg, etc.).. That is just sad.  My +Healing in my DPS gear is now > 1k and in my healing gear it is around 1300. We went on to down Netherspite (After the first “comedy-of-errors” wipe) [Woot,I got to take 1/2 a RED beam] and Illhoof and then we were done.

WoWScrnShot_060608_002512 After THIS raid, we got together an Heroic Botanica run.  This WAS the heroic daily quest and so we just had to do it.  Heroic Bot is probably the most lucrative (in BoJ) heroic since there are 5 bosses and you get 2 more badges from the quest.  7 Badges isn’t bad. I have to say also that this was the fastest Heroic run I think I have ever been a part of.  Especially an instance as long as Botanica. We got through the whole thing in a little less than an hour and cleared all bosses.  I think we might have had 1 wipe, but I am not sure.. The dps even saved the day on the 3rd boss when the tank and healer went down.  Great job everyone on that run!

Fellmara_060608_004624 More changes in store for Mythos tonight! The plan right now is to go back into Gruul’s to take down the big guy himself.  We’ll be missing a few folks, but we’ll see how we do.  If we can get him down, we might venture into SSC for a bit and see what we see. Then tomorrow night (if things go well and we have the people) we’ll go back to SSC and prowl around some more.  If we don’t do SSC, we might form a “speed” Kara run to see if we can finish the place in a record time for us.  That might be fun.

Also, tonight we do our interview with Matt from World of Matticus for the “really big show”.. We’re doing it pretty late, so I don’t know if we will record the rest of the show also.  Depends on how much redbull I can down beforehand.. :)  Have a good one everyone!