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May 2008
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Kardinal Zhin

Yes.. The second Kara run of the week started last night. Fhuun was invited to help out and although he didn’t get anything useful (still could use that cloak from the Prince) so far, it was fun.

We had a Tankadin in the group as the off-tank (not our usual one, Traebear, though) and a Warrior MT. Group had 2 pallies in it (1 Holy, 1 Prot), 1 Shadow Priest, 1 Rogue, 2 Mages, 1 Shaman, 1 Hunter, 1 Warrior, and’a me (Holy Priest). We one shot all the bosses and while the Moroes fight took longer than any I can remember, it finally ended with him in a heap on the floor. Most of the raid had died, but he was dead too and it didn’t matter!

Pics_052908_222647 We got through Attumen, Moroes, Maiden, Opera (Big Bad Wolf), and Curator while we were there. Most of the loot was needed by the rogue that was with us, but we freerolled on a couple of things nobody could use. A couple of things that Fyra could have used dropped and I cried a little. 😛

After the Curator, we called the raid and then 5 of us went into Heroic Slave Pens. This was the daily heroic so 5 Badges and the Boots of Blasphemy later, it was time to call it a night. We wiped only once in the instance and that was on a trash pull.

Curator 2008-05-30 00-18-11-62 I got a few ore prospected and my boots enchanted and that was all she wrote. Tonight is an off night.  We used to raid Gruul’s on Fridays, but that is over for now. Might finish up the Kara run from last night or maybe we’ll do Friday Heroics.  🙂  Who knows.

Mythos, the guild, is recruiting for 25 man raiding, but I am not sure what we are looking for right now.  If you have a Kara geared 70 on Draenor (US) (or are interested in switching servers), we are looking for experienced raiders (kara experience only is fine) who appreciate a casual atmosphere.  I have a post about my guild if you want to look into it. If you are interested, go ahead and send me email to Fimlys at gmail.com or create a little alt on Draenor and whisper Fimlys/Fhuun/Fyra when I am on and we’ll see what we can do. I’ll try to post what we are looking for here if I can.  I know we could use a Holy Priest and some ranged DPS.

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