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May 2008
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Please Disregard the Dead Moonkin

Aggro.. I think I am Aggrophobic.. Last night ran hot/cold. The magic number for the night (TOTAL!) was 15… 15!!!!!  Yeah that is deaths. Some point before next Tuesday, someone remind me to re-spec and move points from IFF to Subtlety.. I’m hoping the extra 2 points makes a difference.

So, um, yeah. Kara. It seemed to start out pretty well. Fyra logged in early and I did a bunch of quests in Netherstorm that I hadn’t done on the way to 70.  Since I am farming up for my Epic Flying Skill, I need all the moola I can wrangle. When 6pm server came around, I was invited into the raid and eventually (after topping off on reagents) caught a port to Kara.

WoWScrnShot_052808_220723 Things went well to begin with.  We “ran” up to the Shade and proceeded to one-shot him.  I didn’t even die! (I might have died a couple of times on the way UP to the shade, but he didn’t kill me) Off we went to Chess. Not too bad either, maybe another couple of deaths on the way there… As I gear up, I seem to pull aggro more and more… I wonder why… Oh, and I think someone first called us BOOMkin because of the sound we make as we hit the floor, dead.

WoWScrnShot_052808_223231 Nothing much in the way of drops (especially for da boomkin). We maneuvered our way out and up to the Prince where we proceeded to get slaughtered.  Over and over and over and over and over and over again.  The only saving grace was that it was so quickly that we never got re-spawns. Eventually we made a small change to the line-up to bring in an extra healer for the tank and used our new Bear tankid to hold the Prince.

DedByPrince_052808_225956 After one failed attempt at that (he lost aggro for a sec… NO it wasn’t me), we finally downed him. The “This is my last attempt guys…” strategy worked, again!  It has been a very long time since we wiped that many times on ANY boss in Kara. It was very frustrating because we really weren’t sure what was going wrong.  I think we just forget that this is a difficult fight and need to treat it that way. I did get Adornment of Stolen Souls from him at least.. 🙂

Of course during all this, Lady Jess and Breana (of GLDC) were lurking on our vent channel laughing at us… (thanks guys!) All in all, I died 12 times on that raid… That just hurt..

Mech1_052908_004744 We called the Kara run after that and while it was late and I really should have been going to bed, I was told I was going to Heroic Mechanar which was the daily heroic.  After forgetting to pick up the quest before getting on the bird, then logging out and back in to cut the flight short, I made my way to Netherstorm and the instance I know better than the back of my hand.

Mech was pretty easy. I still was having issues with my aggro, but only died 3 more times fighting the good fight. I did pick up the Boots of the Pious though (MORE HEALING STUFF, ARGHHH!). Total for the evening was 15 deaths.. Been a while since I died that much.. 😛

Weefolk_052908_011047 Tonight is the first night of the second Kara run.  (That is a mouthful…) Usually Fhuun is called upon to aid in their raiding.  If so, I’ll be in there. If not, I’ll be farming moola on ‘da Drood (and the others). Got any stories about a boss you though you had on “Farm” but had one night that nothing seemed to go right with it?  Let me know in the comments.. Also, I am sorry there was no new poll this week, I’ll work hard to think of something for next week.  The podcast has taken over my life…

Later dayz.