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May 2008
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Razing Karazhona

Yeah.. I’ve been saving that title for a while.. 🙂 Before I begin the usual stuff that fills up my blog posts, I just want to thank everyone for the warm welcome into the world of Audio Blogging (aka podcasting).  Bre and I couldn’t be happier with the reception we have received from the community and we are energized and ready to go this weekend for episode 2 of Twisted Nether.  Thanks!

Now back to the punny stuff!

Whoa, I have 2 days worth of crap to share with you since yesterday was all about the Nether… But today, it’s about you! Oh, wait.. No.. It’s about me! ME, ME, ME! Well, It’s about Fimlys, Fhuun and Fyra… 🙂

Monday night there was talk about wanting me to get the Zul’Aman run going again so I started whispering people to get together.  However, being a holiday here in the US, I couldn’t get enough of the key people on at the normal start time, so I canceled it and we went to Heroic Botanica instead. It was somewhat painful. More than likely it was because Fyra wasn’t really geared up enough to do it, possibly.

WarpSplinter_052708_001221 What WAS fun about it (well, it was all fun.. just, uh, deadly…) was that we had 3 (yeah THREEEEEE!) druids! We had me, Fyra, the Boomkinite (or is that Boomknight…) , Wickum our Treesto Extrodianario and our premier Bear Tonk. In addition, we brought Arienna of the Fiery Bow (Huntress…) and Mystii the Blue Mage (Pil/Trae/etc). The group was a good one and we did awesome on the boss fights (only wiped on boss 3, first try) but had many issues with the larger trash pulls.

I think having a warlock in that instance (for the 2nd half) makes a huge difference, but I have to say overall it was a lot of fun.  Nothing that dropped was particularly spectacular for me.  I got my set piece (oh wait.. the HEALING set piece) from warp splinter, but also, since it was the Heroic Daily, we ended up with 7 Badges of Justice.  She is getting up pretty high now on the badge numbers.

EnteringKara_052708_212122 Tuesday is first Kara/first night for the “week”. Fyra was invited in and we actually got started pretty early (for us).  We had a nice chat on vent with the Raid Leader discussing that we are currently recruiting and looking for a couple of good healers (Druid and Priest at this point) and some ranged DPS.  Tanks would also be useful, but we have some alts we can maneuver around to take those spots.  If we can get the couple of people we need, we can start moving into the 25 man raids pretty soon.

WoWScrnShot_052708_225755 Kara went pretty well. We wiped once on a bad trash pull before Attumen (oh my, been a while since we did that) but the bosses were no problem other than a bad Big Bad Wolf start. I did pick up my T4 gloves from the run. Fyra is really shaping up. Oh, and she also picked up Red Riding Hood’s Cloak… Of course, it is healing gear, but it was still an upgrade to Spell Damage, etc over my blue cloak.

Tonight is the finale of Kara for Fyra.  She’ll get lots of badges and hopefully some other decent gear will drop (maybe the mindblade!!!). We’re starting work on the next podcast also and hopefully it will be up to snuff.. 😀 Later all!