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May 2008
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Memorex… From the Internether

It is here! And I am late posting about it. What, you might ask, am I babbling about? (You did ask that didn’t you? Well, why not?) I am talking about the new Twisted Nether Blogcast! Breana of Gun Lovin’ Dwarf Chick and your very own Fimlys of, uh, here… We have staved off sleep and brought to you the first episode of what, hopefully, will be many more.

Episode of what? It’s the Twisted Nether Blogcast. A podcast about WoW. I know, “Another podcast about WoW? Who needs it?”. Well, my friends, you do! This podcast or as we like to call it blogcast is special in that it is fed by the very blogs you love to read (and maybe even ones you didn’t know existed). We bring our topics directly out of the Nether (Internether that is) and throw them on an audio plate for all to take a byte out of!

This first episode is a little rough, and a little shorter than the rest hopefully will be, but we hope you like it! If you have any suggestions for us go ahead and leave them in the comments here and on the site itself. Questions, comments, they are all welcome!

I really want to thank the Blog Azeroth community for all it’s support in this endeavor that Bre and I have undertaken. The outpouring of hysterical laughing and all out ridicule are not to be missed! (JK.. Really, thanks all u guys and gals)

So go take a listen at http://www.twistednether.net and/or subscribe to the RSS feed.