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May 2008
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Outfitter and ArkInventory

I recently discovered a pretty cool way to use Outfitter with ArkInventory. You can setup rules in ArkInventory that correlate to Outfitter outfits and then assign those rules to an ArkInventory slot. (Links to the addons are at the end of the post)

I am assuming you already have ArkInventory and Outfitter installed and setup to your liking (yay for prerequisites…). I wrote a previous post about ArkInventory. Go there for some more information about this very configurable “All-in-one” bag addon.

So… The idea here is that you go to the rules section in ArkiIventory. This is done by bringing up your bag view and hitting the bottom of the two arrows in the top bar, then clicking on the Rules link there (see image).


This will bring up the rules dialog for AI. You see here that I have a few rules for my Outfitter setup already. You will see the rules for ALL of your characters here, I believe. Click the ADD button and we go to the Add Rule screen.


Here you fill in the information necessary which is mainly just the Name of the rule (whatever you’d like) and then the rule itself. For outfitter rules you use outfit(<nameoutfit>). So, for my Healing gear, if I created an outfit called Healing i would use outfit(Healing). Hit OK and you are done creating the rule.


To then get all the items that are for that outfit to show up in a different row than the generic one in AI, you go to the EDIT mode in AI (Gear in the upper right corner) . Then pick the row you want the gear in and click on the number for that row. Go down to the rules menu option and you will see your rules to the right. Pick the one you just made and PRESTO! all that gear will move into that slot.


Of course, if you have all that gear ON, you won’t see anything in there. But as you shift in and out of outfits, you will see the gear rearrange. I have found a small issue that you need to edit the outfit and save it again for changes to outfits to show up. I don’t know if this is a bug in Outfitter or ArkInventory or if it is just the way it works.

You can get the two addons discussed in this post below:

UPDATE: Seems that the outfit() rules work in ItemRack and ClosetGnome also!