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May 2008
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A Gruul to Remember

Ok.. Weekend done, time to discuss the goings on (of course, here in the US we have today off [Memorial Day]).

On Friday we had our “normal” Gruul’s Lair run with another guild. Things seemed to be going okay at first (I brought in Fhuun for healingness). We wiped the first time on HK, but then got him down the second. We then proceeded to wait for quite a while as “things happened”.

Fhuun_052308_214622 I really wasn’t paying much attention since nothing was going on, but then our RL decided to call the raid. Seems that things were taking too long and disagreements were causing issues. Looks like we will not be having the Friday Gruul’s run for a while now. At least until we can get 25 members of Mythos together to do it.

After the run fell apart, I got a group together to help Fyra and our “new” Bear Tank get our Kara keys. We did quick key runs of SV and Arc and then Old Hillsbrad and Black Morass. I got 5/10 of the Essence of Infinity I need for my Elixir Mastery quest. After that we ran through non-heroic Mechanar for rep and money.. 🙂 It was a pretty late night.

Prince_052408_223115 Saturday was the continuation of the Thursday Kara run to which I brought Fhuun. We cleared out the rest of the place pretty easily and then I proceeded to bring Fyra into a Heroic Slave Pens run. The run went really well. Our new bear tank is ‘da bomb… 🙂 Lots of rep and a new dagger and mace later we were done for Saturday night. I now am a dagger/book wielding Boomkin.. Outta my way!

I was a little late getting on Sunday night, but I managed to get roped into going to Heroic Arcatraz. Of course, before I could bring Fyra in there, I needed 500 more rep or so to get the key. Soo.. We went into Mech for a little rep farming. We cleared all the way through the first boss and also the mini-bosses to get the cache key. I dinged Honored, got my key and then we headed into Arc.

Harbringer_052608_034408 The arc run was a little crazy. We had lots of problems with the first boss, but I decided to start helping out healing (we had only one healer and heroic arc is crazy hard) and we got through it. The 2/3 bosses weren’t too bad after we figured out the fights and even with some deaths on trash, we did okay. Final boss was cakewalk compared to the rest and we ended with no deaths on that one. For all that effort, I picked up Shiffar’s Nexus-Horn from Harbringer Skyriss and that was it for Sunday.

Tonight, I promised that if we have the people on at 6pm server, I’ll run a Z’A run. I’ve forgotten most of the stuff about that place since we haven’t been there for so long, but I guess I’ll try to make do. I’ll let you know how it went tomorrow.

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