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May 2008
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Farmicology Genealogy Karatology

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away. There lived a night elf hunter who hated to farm. He had a half-brother (kinda) Draenei Priest who also hated to farm. They had a night elf druid sister (oooh!) who, you guessed it, hated to farm as well. But.. There was farming to be done. Netherweb Spider Silk was the ingredient of choice one spring evening and they would do anything to collect ’em all!

So, Fimlys, being the eldest and also best at these types of jobs pulled out his bow and, followed by his trusty lynx Kenny, traveled to Terokkar Forest to hunt down the elusive (cuz ppl were always killin em!) Dreadfang Widow! Many were killed without successful farmage, but then in an amazing show of masterful luck, 6 dropped in quick succession!  Two more were collected and the lot were sent to Fhuun to try his hand at making them into something.

Fhuun052208_233500 So Fhuun goes over to the mailbox and pulls out his, uh, “shiny” new spider silk and proceeds down to the manaloom to make his goods. Imbued Netherweave Tunics are the pattern of the day and he sat down to begin putting one together.  After much time had passed, the tunic was done and, lo and behold, his understanding of the craft of tailoring had increased!  He could feel he was just one more step away from complete mastery of his craft! (DING 374!)… “Hmm, maybe if I make another of these, I’ll pick up a few more tips”, he said. So, he buckled down and committed his full concentration to his work. “Whoa!”, he exclaimed as he finished up the tunic, “I have now surpassed even myself.  I cannot learn any more at this time”. For he had done it and was now top in his craft (DING 375!)..

So yeah, Fhuun got to be 375 in tailoring yesterday before he was “summarily summoned” to the Kara run for thu/sat. He is a mooncloth tailor and I think the next step will be to make a few of those bags if I can.

WoWScrnShot_052208_231507 Ok.. so, into Kara. Not too much to say about Kara.  I say it all every time.  Fhuun doesn’t need any loot but badges from here, so it is all for gearing up the other folksies. We got Attumen, Moroes, Opera (R&J again), and Curator down.  The DPS seemed a bit lacking on the curator for the flares, so Fhuun helped with the DPS a bit. We still got him down without incident.  We called it at that point since it was getting late.

That was it for last night.. Nothing all that exciting other than the little 375 Tailoring!!! Tonight is Gruul’s Lair run.  I’m hoping I can bring Fimlys (or maybe they will want Fyra.. she isn’t really geared for it tho) but we will just have to see..