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May 2008
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Boomkin Dekaration

Before I get started on my normal “thang”, I just want to bring to light a case of the unjust. Please go read TJ’s article about her good friend and guildmate Lamaa. I have my fingers crossed that something will be done! If you can, spread the word…

Back to the grind… Again with the moonkin. Again with the kara. Yeah! Mythos moved back into kara last night to finish it up.  We had killed the Shade already, so we could port up to his room (Yes, Fyra was back and so was the entire crew from the night before). We made our way over to the Chess Event for some nice easy epics. Nothing dropped for Fyra though. Then we moved up to the Prince and one-shot him.  It was probably the easiest prince fight I think I have been a part of for a while. 

The Ruby Drape of the Mysticant dropped but I lost the roll to our new mage (yay for him anyway)… We moved on down to Netherspite and guess what?  My hybrid nature got to come out.. I got part of a red beam assigned to me! I stayed in moonkin, but put on my “bear gear”.  I was > 10k armor and 9k or so health in my greens and blues.. LOL..  It was pretty awesome I have to say.  I have taken the red beam with my hunter when necessary, but the Panzerkin was all over that! Once again, no good drops (for anyone actually).

PrinceDown_052108_220206 Next up was Illhoof. We swapped out one of our hunters for his warlock and again, this Illhoof fight was the easiest I can remember. We got him down in 1m 49s!!! It was crazy. And… I got a belt ( Cord of Nature’s Sustenance).  It is a healing belt though. It still had better stats (including spell damage) than the green one I as wearing.

To Nightbane next. Again a pretty good fight. The group did well and we downed him pretty easily. Again not much for anyone (seems like a big PLATE night and mostly Pally plate at that) dropped. Off we went to the last boss we had left, Maiden. AGAIN we downed her exceedingly fast and not much dropped.

Two days and 22 badges later, Kara was history. Not only did we do well, but there was enough time left last night for me to put together a Shadow Labyrinth run. Of course, while we were clearing the way to the second boss my network decided to take a header… So, since it wasn’t coming back anytime soon, I logged in through my cellphone.. Whoa that was painful.  We ended up killing the boss and the third without much hassle although the lag was horrible for me. We got through to Murmur and I got the keyfrag! 

SL_052108_234832 Then we took on murmur.  Our priest got hit with the “touch” right away and somehow got “fragged”.. As we all were falling over dead, I got a battle rez off on him before I died. I was hoping he would know not to stand up until the wipe was complete, but he did!!  Ahhh!  But luckily he was out of combat and stayed that way.. (Whew!)  He rezzed us and we killed Murmur without incident the next try.

It was a good night for Fyra all in all.  Hopefully my internetz will behave tonight and I can help out the Thu/Sat Kara run with Fhuun.  I still need to find time to farm for moola for Fyra’s Epic Flying.. Eh, some day! 😀  That’s all for now.. I’m working on a project I’m pretty excited about with a fellow blogger.  I can’t say much about it right now other than I am really excited (is that more than pretty excited?).. Keep an eye out! 😀 


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