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May 2008
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Attakazan of the Noobs

It was, it was. It was Kara night #1. Fyra was invited to join the festivities along with 2 other “newly minted” 70s.  One was our Raid Leader’s bear tank and the other was a mage. I was pretty impressed in general with the group we brought.  We had a well geared  (very) warrior MT and the bear OT. We had 2 healers, a shaman and a priest (one of our best). The rest was DPS: 2 Hunters, 2 Mages, 1 Druid (in an Owl suit).

I did pretty well on the damage meters, but they aren’t kidding when they say moonkin are mana hogs.. It is crazy the amount of mana I want through. I wonder if SWStats can track mana usage.. That would be pretty slick. Annnyway, I was even beating out one of our more geared hunters for a while, but I ended up helping to heal in the Opera.  We had R&J and the bear was trying to tank Romulito (:P).  He was doing way too much damage to him and we had a few wipes. Once the tanks switched targets, we got them down perfectly.

AtMoroes_052008_222334 We got Attumen, Moroes, Curator, and Shade (!!) down in one shot. Everything we tried except for the Opera which caused us grief. The shade fight went really well.  We got him down before the poly. So.. what dropped for me? Well, not much…

Attumen dropped his healing gloves (Gloves of Saintly Blessings) which I won (since nobody wanted them).. If I gem them up, they are better than the greens I was wearing though (for spell damage). Moroes dropped the Idol of the Avian Heart.. MORE HEALING STUFF! LOL.. I’m not a healer, kara! Curator dropped the T4 token for druids, but, even though I won the roll, I passed to the bear.  He really could use it more than me.. 😛 I did get 9 badges out of the whole night, so I am on my way to getting some of that awesome Shattrath Moonkin Badge Gear ™.

Curator_052108_001425 We headed out after the Shade and will pick up where we left off tonight. On a side note (although equally important…. ), Lin from Elune’s Guidance and Anna from TooManyAnnas started new toons on Draenor! She joins Bre from Gun Lovin’ Dwarf Chick, Nightravyn from NE Hunter L4Mobs, PST! and Jess from Lady-Jess as fellow bloggers who have made alts (or transferred alts) to Draenor and joined Mythos.  I’m really happy to have them and look forward to getting a change to play together.

Shade_052108_005639 I got Fhuun‘s tailoring to 373 last night.. 2 more to go! Inching up slowly on the gold-front to get my Epic Flying for Fyra. It is still really awesome to have 3 level 70s.. I still can’t believe I leveled up 2 more toons so quick. Next is my rogue I think.. He is sitting at 35 and is begging to be pulled up to 50 at least.  Still, I have a lot of work to do with my druid for a while so no slack time!

Tonight, as I said, is the conclusion of Kara run 1 and hopefully I’ll see some more love coming from these bosses.  I am still going to be rolling against the new mage (unless he doesn’t show… 😛 ) and I guess we’ll just see. I’ll let you guys know tomorrow (if not sooner) what goes down…

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