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May 2008
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Kael Him Already!

Dailies… Farming… Who am I and what did I do with Fim?  I don’t do dailies.. I don’t farm (if I can help it).. But what did I find myself doing last night? Dailies in SSO (with Fyra) and Farming in Nagrand (with Fimlys).

After picking up a few clefthoof leather, I got a group together to run Fyra through Magister’s Terrace. We did pretty well.  We had a Warrior tank, Stopitnow (Rogue), Mystii (Trae’s Mage), Karine (Kezz’s Resto Druid) and Fyra (Moonkin Druid). We did pretty well for most of the instance. We had some issues with the second boss (It was probably me) and Kael was a big pain in the butt. We also wiped once on the trash before Kael, but the second time when Karine died, I remembered I had my battle rez. 🙂 

MrT_051908_214736 When we got to Kael, we had many issues with the air phase (as usual).  The 2 druids took a header too quick and the rest were left without healers.  After quite a few wipes, Karine and Mystii swapped out for Kezz and Pil.. 🙂  Then it was cake.. 😀  I still died right away, but I did so in process of taking out the egg while in the air.. We got him down, so I didn’t die for nothing.

Afterwards, some guildies were looking for a tank and healer for Shattered Halls.  Fhuun needs rep in there, so Trae and I went in to help them out. It was a pretty fast run with only 1 death the whole time and I think I was half-asleep for the entire run. Overall it was pretty fun.

SH_051908_235543 After that, I talked to a couple of guys that I had done some quests with in SMV with Fyra and asked if they wanted to do the Gorefiend’s Armor quest and finish up that line. “Sure!”, they said. It was getting pretty late, but I flew over there and we 3-manned the “little” ghost dragon and went back to finish up the quest line. Got my Antler Hat out of the deal.. Sexy Sexy.. 😀

It was a good night. Got a lot of stuff done and my money reserves are going up up up.. A few days of dailies and I could have my epic flying skill.. Tonight is the start of the first Kara run of the week. I’d like to bring Fyra if I can, but we’ll see what we need. I still need to re-spec her for instances/raids and I need a few gems for some of the stuff I got last night. I’ll let you know how it goes! (I always do)…