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May 2008
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Lair it On

WOW! What a weekend… So much has happened, I don’t know where to start. I guess I can go day by day if I can remember what happened each day..

On Friday we did our normal Gruul’s Lair run with another guild. I brought Fhuun for healies. High King went down on the first try again (we’re pretty good at this one now) but we are still having troubles with Gruul himself. I think we are still lacking in DPS and when 1 or 2 of our best DPS go down in a bad shatter it is pretty much over.

We did get him down finally after re-clearing the trash and Fhuun picked up his T4 Legs. I’m now at 4/5 T4 for him and generally it is all “better” than what I had before. That isn’t true necessarily for Fimlys, but so far he only has 2/5 because he hasn’t been going to Gruuls. I’m hoping he can get going in soon.

Prior to the running of Gruul’s though, I got Fyra up to level 68 and got her Flight Form. It is SOOOOO FREAKING AWESOME! I can’t imagine how I got through the last 2 levels of the other 2 characters without it… Wow.. Just Wow…

Kara_051708_225825 Saturday consisted of some playing during the day on Fyra and then a late start to the finishing of the Thursday/Saturday Kara run. We blasted through the second half of Kara pretty easily though and just left Illhoof un-killed. Lots of badges for Fim. Getting closer to 100 and a new chestpiece. Also got Fhuun up to 372 Tailoring. Getting closer. Need to go farm for more of that spidersilk.. Ugh…

Moving on to Sunday. Sunday was a banner day! I spent most of the day playing and most of that leveling Fyra. I got her to 69 sometime early that morning and then… and then… and then……… Level 70 that night!!!! WOOOOT! I am very excited that I now have 3 different toons to 70. (If you have been reading my blog, you already know she hit 70, but this is more “official”)

Dingaling_051808_221252 I have decided to keep her Moonkin specced for now. The guild doesn’t seem to have an issue with it (I’d be the only one we have) and I’ll make sure I pick up whatever other drops I need to be able to respec heal/tank/etc if necessary. Some peeps in the guild want to see how things go with having a boomkin in the raid.  Might be pretty interesting. I’m sure the casters in my party will be happy with the +5% spell crit.  Gotta make sure I remind the RL about that.

So now it is a race to get to 5k gold and that Swift Flight Form quest line. You can’t start the quests until you get the 300 riding skill, so I guess I will have my first epic flying mount before the form, but that is okay. Fyra is also my herbalist so it is good she will get the first epic flight. Herbing with flight form is so cool..

Fyra_051808_231231 So, enough gushing about my drood! Tonight is Monday and that means, uh… Well, nothing at all.  I assume some peeps will be doing some of their arena runs. I’d like to get Fyra started on her Kara key quests.  I’ve decided to go ahead and do them since I need to do BM anyway for my Elixir Spec. Also, the gold is pretty good on the quests.. Anyway, that’s it for now.  If anyone remembers anything I did that I left out, let me know.. It’s been a long weekend.

Later Dudes!