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May 2008
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I’m back! Not that I was gone very long, but here I am! I spend some of last night leveling Fyra and then Fimlys got invited into the Karazhan run for thu/sat (well, at least for thu part).

Fyra is now VERY close to level 68 (< 150k xp to go) and I’m excited. Get to fly soon! I was doing a lot of quests in Shadowmoon Valley since I pretty much skipped that zone on Fhuun the last time around.  So, the quests are not as “boring” as they might have been otherwise. She is also Scryer while my two 70’s are Aldor, so maybe some of the quests will be different anyway.

I was getting really close to 68 when I got the whisper… “Do you want to bring Fim in for Kara?”..  “Sure!”..  Woot! More badges.. Getting closer to 100! I switched over, repaired and bought arrows and then was summoned.

WoWScrnShot_051508_221627 It was a really good group considering it was the 2nd run of the week. We had 3 hunters in all (me being one).  A Priest, Shaman and Paladin to heal (and buff). 2 Warriors to tank and 2 Mages for more DPSness. We started a little late so the clearing progressed to the CuratorAttumen, Moroes, R&J (Opera), Curator is all we had time for but we 1 shot everything. Attumen dropped his crossbow, which I didn’t have (and really don’t need) but a few of us rolled on it for “sentimental” value and I didn’t win it.  Eh, doesn’t matter.. 🙂

Tonight is Gruul’s Lair and hopefully I will be able to go (depending on RL issues). Another short post (wow, a short KARA post!!).  Hopefully I’ll be back into full form after the weekend! Have a good one!