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May 2008
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Fhuun the Gruulkiller

Ok.. I didn’t do it alone 🙂 In fact, it took 23 others to do it.. Yep, I said 23.. After wiping over and over and over with 25 people on Friday, we lost one and killed Gruul! We had quite a few 6%, 7%, etc until we had to reclear the trash. We did so and after a few more tries (and losing a member of the raid) we took him down. I am very proud of all the effort put in by the two guilds. We have improved immensely over the weeks we have been running this Raid. Grats Guys!

WoWScrnShot_051008_213023 Other than that, notable highlights of the weekend include Fyra dinging 67 and Fhuun getting up to 367 Tailoring (I have the mats to get to 369, just have to make the items). It has been pretty expensive to do, but I am happy at how quickly I was able to level it up. Thanks for everyone that helped Fyra out in getting her to 67. One more and she gets flying and can even possibly try to help out in Kara.

It has been a pretty busy day today. Suffice to say there are a few family health issues happenin’. We’ll get through them, but they have been taking up a lot of time. I might not have a chance to put a lot of time into my posts for a while, but I’ll try!

WoWScrnShot_051008_214600 Tonight may or may not include playing WoW. If I do, I’ll probably work more on Fyra. Really want to get her to 68.. Wants to fly! I was thinking that the first Addon I take a look at might be a cool “Chat” addon called Chatter. I’ll try to put that together when I get a chance.. Later all!