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Nagrand is on Fyra

Contrary to the more “relevant” news post I just put up, I am not going to skip my (almost) daily “useless” post… So, you gotta slog through this one just like all the rest.. Hey, I’m not MAKING you read this crap.. This is all of your own accord.. (or is that of your own camry????)

The 2nd half of the 2nd run of Kara for the “week” (week starting on Tuesday in WoW world [World of Warcraft World?]) was last night. I had particpated with Fimlys on Wednesday, but only because we were kinda out of players to bring. Having more choices last night, the RL brought in peeps that actually “need” some gear from Kara.

Zorbo_050808_222422 So… What did I do? Well, I logged into Fyra and worked on more of the quests in Nagrand… I have to say.. There are sooooo many quests there.. It is crazy. Some of them seemed a lot easier than they had on my Hunter or my Priest when I was leveling them. Could just be that I REALLY knew what I was doing this time. (All but the “kill elemental” quests… Which can be tough on a Moonkin *pout*)

After a while I decided to switch over to Fhuun and give him a little Tailoring workout to move his level up. He is currently sitting at 359. 16 more to go! I even picked up the pattern for Silver Spellthread and made myself one for when I get the IoQD pants. I will have to have Kezz make me the Scryer SpellDMG version for Fyra when she is ready. 🙂

Illhoof_050808_233422 While doing the Becoming a Mooncloth Tailor quest, I got a whisper from the RL asking if I’d like to bring Fimlys into Kara to help take down Illhoof and The Maiden. “Sure!”… Never one to turn down an offer like that.. Badges? Yessir!

I switched over and we congregated outside Illhoofworld. We had Traebear tanking so we were in HappyPallytankland and Illhoof went down pretty easily. Moving on to the Maiden, we again keeled her reel good. 4 badges later, I was switching back to Fyra to join a group forming to do the Ring of Blood quests.

RoB_050908_004055 We had 2 Droods (66 Boom [me], 67 Bear), a Mage (65 I think), a Holy Pally (in his 60s) and our ringer, a Rogue (70). We did pretty well other than wiping on the last fight after he rezzed. Somehow our tank bit the dust and then the rest of us did. On the second try, I popped out of Moon to help heal at the end. For my reward? I picked up the Battle Mage’s Baton! It was a +35 SpellDamage upgrade!! Woot!

Durn_050908_010436 Some of us had the “Kill Durn” quest, so the Rogue switched to his Hunter and we went a-searchin’. We found him and other than the Mage gettin’ squashed, we did fine. The rewards weren’t great, so I picked up the healing dagger just in case. 🙂 I then turned in a few more quests and joined the other drood and the hunter on the Jump-a-tron quests. I was able to get the Spell-slinger’s Protector and finish up the night on a high note.. 😀

Whoo! Busy night, eh? Tonight is Gruul’s (if we have enough peeps). Hopefully we will and we’ll kill him! Other than that, I am still messing with the guild website and such. Have fun this weekend! I’ll talk to u on Monday (if not before)…

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