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May 2008
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Kara Vu – All Over Again

A quick aside, I received an email today from Larísa of Larísa’s corner notifying me that she has quite a few WoWKus up on her blog!  Go check them out and let her know what you think!

It was a dark and stormy night… And after the marathon Karazhan session of Tuesday, we headed back in to tackle the remaining 3 bosses. First up, Nightbane. As far as I remember, we one shot him without too many issues.  I think we only lost one member of the team and the tank (Bligh) was not it. 😀

Through the back entrance we went to the Maiden of Justice. Without a Paladin, Bligh had to walk her around and wake up healers during the repentance phases.  Things went pretty well and we got her down generally quickly. We had a pretty bad party makeup for Illhoof, so we decided to skip him and instead form up another raid to start Kara over!!!

NekkedOpera_050708_232219 After a lengthy discussion with the RL, Fimlys was invited to help out with this run.  We had 4 Hunters (3 BM, 1 MM [arienna]), 1 Paladin tank (trae), 1 Warrior tank, 1 Mage, 1 Druid Healer (wickum) , 1 Shaman Healer and 1 Warlock. Needless to say we were pretty stacked for DPS.. !!!!

The healers and tanks performed outstanding (the Warrior was MT, but we took advantage of Trae’s AOE tanking to take out the packs of mobs much faster than we would have otherwise.  We got through Attumen, Moroes, Big Bad Wolf (again!), Curator and Nightbane. On Nightbane, our MT got squashed and Trae picked him up and we took him down!

MythosSite I have been working on a new website for our Guild using the www.wowinstaller.com templates and so far it is going well.  I upgraded the forums and the event system to the most recent versions I could find and it all still needs some work, but it is getting there.

Tonight will probably be the conclusion of the 2nd Kara run and possibly more badges for Fimlys (woot!).  He’s at 50 right now. I still need to get him the Primal Air he needs to make the CobraHide Leggings for the new legs he got from IoQD and also get the current chestpiece enchanted.. 😀  That’s it for today! I’ll be back tomorrow for another exciting installment.. I still have to pick a day for my Addon posts… I’ll let you know!

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