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May 2008
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Mythosians! Prepare for glory!

Post300 You have arrived on an auspicious day! This is post number 300 (not including “pages”)! I can’t believe that I have been blogging long enough to hit 300 posts already. It has been a great ride and I am hoping it will just get better! I want to thank everyone for supporting the blog (with your encouragement) over these 300 and I’m hoping to be here to blast you with the same information 300 more times! I’m barreling ahead, keep up.

I’m really serious about starting up that addon post. I’m really not sure exactly what that will entail, but at this point it is my goal to get something up weekly that has to do with addons. If you have any suggestions or thoughts on which addons I can take a look at, please let me know. Now, back to the “Dear Diary”… (If I had remembered earlier that this was 300… I might have done something more special… ah well)

Last night was some Tailoring/Kara love. I know, I know. A post about Karazhan without some corny Post title!! How could I? I’m mixing it up a bit people. Keeps you on your toes. Never know what to expect from me. I am Karazy! (ooops…)

First off, I logged and worked on Fhuun’s tailoring skill up to 351! I went through most of my Netherweave though. I have a bunch of Imbued Netherweave now and I sent a ton of stuff to Freez my disenchanter. Lots of middleground mats which is good, since he can use them to level up enchanting a bit. At some point I’ll have to get him to 50 (he’s at 35) so he can get “Master” enchanting. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to get Fhuun all the way to 375, but that might take a while now. At least I got to the higher level which is the boring part.

While I was doing this, I got the invitation to join the Kara group for the night. We had a pretty good group going in and I suggested we try to get as far as possible in one night. How did we do? Read on!

LRR_050608_224101 Quick dash to Attumen and he is down. One wipe on the trash *ahem* because the last group of undead was pulled while we were still working on the “next to last”.. Ah well. Better to get that out of the way early. We knock him off his high horse and we’re off to Moroes. Easy as pie is the recipe for his re-demise and we’ve got 2 down quick.

Back out to the dancers and up to the Opera. It’s the Big Bad Wolf and we huffed and puffed and blew him down.. I actually survived 2 LRR.. 😀 WOW! Did we continue? Of course! We raced to the back door and up the broken stair. Hello Curator.

We had a bit of a pickle to solve since we had 2 (whoa!) rogues with us [they actually looked like twins.. I wish I had taken a pic]. Only 3 ranged dps for the adds.. I offered up my body to DPS and helped out. We got him down in only a little more time than usual. Warrior, Priest, Druid token drops and everyone already has their piece. So we rolled if we wanted to PvP item (or even the alternative version of the one we had) and I got 1 less than the winner. The winner picked up the DPS staff that dropped, so he offered me the token .. WOOT! I gotta go to IoQD and get my PvP gloves 😛 (or look at the DPS ones… hmmm..)

beforeShade_050708_000427 With the Curator down, we were free to ascend to the Shade of Aran. Did we go? Of course! UP UP we went. Our MT (Bligh) was really getting the hang of speed pulling. No rest between pulls for us! But we really didn’t need it. We were sporting 3 healers (Druid, Shaman, Priest [me]), 2 rogues, 2 hunters, a Shadow Priest and 2 Warriors. To the shade we went and we rocked his world… With many interrupts, we kept his Mana high and burned him down quick. He popped his elementals and they went down faster than I even remember. In the end, he was thinking about drinking and I opened up on him with some priesty holy hand grenades! Down he goes.. NO POLY, NO DEATHS (except for poor pets)!!! GO MYTHOS! Gotta love it.

Netherspite_050708_004911 Keep going? YES! We head up through to Netherspite. There was some discussion on skipping him, but then we realized that we would have to re-clear to get to him, so we might as well go for it. We had a bit of a hiccup on the first try when he pounded our MT into the ground.. AWW … Killed our 1-shot buffet. Back we come and everything goes off great. Takes a bit longer since we lost the green beam at one point, but in the end I started my DPS again and he finally went down.

Chess_050708_010342 Having gotten this far, we couldn’t give up yet! On to Chess (easy as pie… again…) and then it was Prince time. First try, someone pulled aggro off the MT and we had a wipe (everyone say awwww). But we came back in and after a VERY prolonged fight (with poorly placed infernals) we got him down.

So, for those of you who are keeping track.. That is: Attumen, Moroes, Opera, Curator, Shade, Chess, Netherspite, Prince. A record for Mythos in the number of Kara bosses down in one night. GRATS GUYS!

Ok.. Tonight I’ll be on late probably, so I won’t get to be in on the finishing moves of Kara, but it shouldn’t take them long to down Illhoof, Nightbane and the Maiden. I’m outta here! Peace!

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