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May 2008
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Beholden to a Piglet

Howdy my intrepid readers! I have returned today to bring you a tale of daring do, or do I?  Nah! Just the same crap I write every day! Take it or leave it, your choice. Don’t just stand there staring, read on.

Yesterday…. All my troubles seemed so far away.  And so did level 70 for my Druid. But now she is level 66 and moving along nicely.  I have her resting a bit from her exertions for now and then it is time to finish up Nagrand and move on to Blade’s Edge.  There are Soooooo many quests in Nagrand to do though.  She might up to about 1/2 way to 67 by the time I leave there.

MagicCarpet_050508_223033 So, I sent her to Shat and logged into my Priest. “Fim”, I said. Talking to myself again. “I think it is time to sew…”.  And so… I ported Fhuun to the city that never sleeps, Exodar and started my crusade to make a better pair of pantaloons! Exodar has a quick run between the auction house/mailbox/tailoring trainer and so that is where chose.

BigWilly_050508_230457 I was well on my way to tailoring nirvana when Pil whispered me “Kezz and I are going to do the Orphan quests, want to come?”.  “Um.. I guess..” :).  So off we went, flying around the worlds to visit all sorts of places for quests that didn’t want to trigger. In the end though, I ended up with a bunch of gold and a brand new Sleepy Willy.

Orphan_050508_232833 “Hey, lets go do the ‘old world’ one too”…  “Um.. Ok..”  So again we fly around the world dragging an orphan behind us. I had a little quality time with the tyke in Theramore, but soon it was time to go and this time I decided on Mr. Wiggles.

After all that, I went back to the Exodar for some quality time with my sewing machine.  Had an issues that I ran out of Mageweave before I could do Runecloth, but do to generous donations by people like you (Well, Kirbside and others…) I was able to get through it and am now around 280.  I was getting pretty tired, so I called it a night and I’ll continue today I guess (if I have time).

Wiggles_050508_233713 Tonight is first Kara run start night. If they need me, I’ll join (I know I can use the badges…).  If not, then I’ll work on my Tailoring and go level Fyra some more. So, now that I have some regular readers (other than Pil), leave me some comments.  Let me know what you like about the blog.  Let me know what you don’t like (not that I’ll do anything about it, but hey.. ).  Let me know if you have any questions I can answer [ or just email them to fimlys at gmail.com ].  Don’t be afraid, I might bite, but I rarely draw blood.