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May 2008
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From Here to Karazhan

Ah! Not another Kara post.. Well, it’s a “weekend” post.. I just wanted to do a Kara titile. 🙂  But first!!!! 

Attention Asleep at the WoW guests!!!! Nightravyn of NE Hunter L4Mobs, PST! is having a birthday today!!!  Everyone go sing Happy Birthday to her and wish her well..  Go! I’ll wait. We’ve got a lot to cover and I think you need to go do this first.

Back? Ok.. Lets begin. By days, as usual.

Friday was Gruul’s Lair night. No big problems with High King except that I think we had 1 wipe on him this week (hmm.. memory is going…). We moved on to Gruul himself with high hopes coming off of last weeks first kill.  Well, not so lucky this week. Lots of deaths. No Looootz.  Ah well.  We’re still learning I think, but I’m sure we’ll get him down again soon.

WoWScrnShot_050308_224129 Saturday night I was included in the 2nd half Kara run from thur/sat. We one shot everything except for the Prince who seriously bugged out.  We were doing pretty well and then all of the sudden he spazzed and enfeebled the Main Tank!!!  ARGH.. One more hit and MT goes down… bugger.. It’s a wipe. We run back and he acts all happy to see us and BLAM! we wipe the floor with him… 😀

Otherwise we one shot everything including Nightbane. From the Shade of Aran Fhuun picked up some nice DPS stuff since nobody needed/wanted them otherwise. We also picked us up some badges.. precious badges… mmmm….

After we were done, I worked on leveling Fyra some more and got her to level 65! 3 more levels until flight… Can’t wait.

WoWScrnShot_050408_091443 Sunday was another level Fyra day. In the evening we ran into Underbog with some very nice guildies (Pil, Kezz, Wickum, Warrior Tank) and got some sporregar quests done.  Each one yielded 22k XP!!! Whoa! Also got the orphan quests done and each one of those was worth 11k XP! Fyra is now about 20k away from level 66! Woo hoo!

Not really sure what tonight will bring.  I’m sure Fyra will make it to 66 and be well on her way to 67.  Other than that, most of the guild will probably be getting their arena runs in, so… Who knows? 😀  Worst case, I level Fyra. TTYL..

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