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May 2008
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Sprechen Sie Ork

Well, I was a little late last night, so my spot on Kara was filled when I finally got on.  No big deal, really.  The only thing I “need” from there are more Badges of Justice. So, what did I do?  I worked on leveling Fyra some more obviously. Not really all that much to talk about.  Quested around Zangarmarsh a little bit and then back over to Terokkar Forest. Got to over 50% toward level 65. She is getting closer and closer to that 68 mark! Flight form, Flight form, Flight form… 😀

Fyra did do the quest in Terokkar that has you in an “Orc Costume” (pretty convincing tho, eh?).  It was pretty funny to see my little NE Druid turned into an Orc.

Thank you all again for your great Wowkus.  It is really awesome to see such a response. Make sure you vote in the poll on the right here!  It ends at midnight eastern US time.

Stretch_050108_215501 Tonight is Gruul’s Lair!  Hopefully we will repeat our glory of last week and take the bad boy down again. Hmm.. Fhuun doesn’t need anything from the High King, but Gruul is another story. I’m thinking Teeth of Gruul is pretty nice.. I would lose 18 stamina, but gain 8 mp5… Hmmm… Trousers of the Incarnate are an upgrade except no gem slots so I think I might actually lose a little healing and mp5.  Argh.. minimal upgrades all.  Eh, I’ll be happy just to be part of it all .. And badges are good too. 🙂

Well, that’s all I’m gonna bore you with for today! Keep truckin’

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