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May 2008
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Being For the Benefit of Mr. Fim

Welcome, welcome! Hello to all of you who are new to my little corner of the web.  It is particularly cluttered, so watch your step. You those of you who are regulars and have no idea why “new” people would possibly be coming here (I really don’t understand it much either), there was a post on WoW Insider about my Wowku challenge.. 😀 (well, request…).  This seems to have spurred many more visitors than usual (this could be you!). If you are new, enjoy the site.  If you are not new, you already know what to do. (you do, don’t you??)

Back to the usual mess, though. Um.. I really don’t have all that much to post about. Didn’t play much last night. OH!  I do have to say that I have found farming Ragveil in Zangarmarsh particularly easy while I am questing away with my Drood (Fyra). Got a few more quests done, but still nowhere near level 65 yet. Argh, can’t wait until 68. At least she is closer to flight than she would be as any other class.

FyraWhoa copy Tonight starts another Mythos Kara run.  I’m still hoping we can get to the point where we are running more 25s than 10s.. 🙂  Still need some more peeps I’m thinkin’.  I think Fhuun is going on the run tonight to get his heal on (and some nice badges to boot.. down to 1.. boohoo). Morebetter post tomorrow with screenshots and everything… I promise (maybe a movie… if you are all good boys and girls). 

Have fun out there!

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