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April 2008
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All My Questing

Good morning (or afternoon or evening) dear readers!  How are you doing on this fine (or not so fine) day (or night)? I have awoken and feel it is time to regale you with stories of grand (or not so grand) adventure and phat (or.. well, yo know) lootz.

I logged in to check out Chatter and AuditorFu.  Chatter is a chat function addon (pretty cool) and replaced prat for me and seems much more lightweight.  AuditorFu is a Fubar plugin (although I think it can work without it too) that keeps track of your money and how you got it and where it is going (afaik).  So far they look pretty cool.

I got on Fhuun to get ready for Kara and, given that I would not be on tonight, I offered to either switch to Fimlys or step out of the raid for someone else to be able to join. They found another that needed it more than Fhuun, so I bowed out.

FyraShat_042908_212353 I switched over to Fyra and worked on quests (oh yay).  I got a few of the quests in Zangarmarsh completed like the one to kill Ogres and get mushrooms (icky drop rate!) and also to go steal mushroom crates from other Ogres (stupid ogres and their mushrooms).  I did get to Neutral with Kurenai and also picked up a couple pieces of good caster gear including a piece with some +spell hit which I really needed.

It was a quiet night, all in all. I will be logging into Draenor later than usual tonight, but I’ll probably do some more leveling of Fyra when/if I do.  Don’t forget to vote in the poll to the right if you haven’t already.

I’m outta here.

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