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April 2008
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Darkwaffler Syth

I logged in to Fyra last night and I was immediately greeted by Pil with:

Pil: “Fhuun is healing Heroic Sethhek Halls, it’s the heroic daily.”
Me: “Uh, ok.. When?
Pil: “2 Minutes
Me: “Lol… Logging..

Ha! Welcome to my life.  Awesome group though.  We had Traebear tanking (PallyTank FTW), Arienna the huntress for PewPew, Stopitnow for massive roguish damage and one of our altaholics (well, another one of them) on his Frost Mage.  Yes, Fhuun was the only healer.  Any you know what?  I really didn’t have much of a problem in there.  The guys took everything down so quick that it was a cakewalk.  The only time we had an issue (well one of them) was on Darkweaver Syth (first boss).  They were burning him down so quick, we got all the adds spawning at the same time and so we got da smackdown.

Ikiss_042808_223412 One thing I noticed before we went in is that Fhuun had 95 Badges of Justice.  Oooooh, 5 more till I can pick up a nice little present from the IoQD badge vendor. Final boss in Sethhek also gave us a few problems, but no wipe.  I died, of course (I always die on that boss), but we got him down anyway.  Lots of sharding of all the blues and the purple that dropped since we really didn’t need anything that dropped.

Then Stopit went out and swapped to his druid, Wickum, and we took on Anzu. Wick went down during the last of the “bird” phases, but we burned the boss down quickly after that. No birdie mount, but another badge was greatly appreciated.  Since this was the heroic daily quest, I got 2 more badges from turning in the quest and I was on top of the world!

SH_042808_231133 Arienna and the mage needed to run in and kill the first boss in Shattered Halls to finish the Nightbane summoning quest, so we ran in and AOE tanked our way to him. We had one time in the hallway leading to the room right before his that we ended up fear pulling a second group (of 800 mobs [seemingly).  As people went down, I showed my tail and ran… 😀  I made it out just in time and back just in time to rez Traebear as the others walked in from running back. HAhA!

Otherwise everything was cake.  Trae switched to Bligh at the boss since he needed that quest too.  Smooth as butter. We ported back to Shat and I had 101 Badges!!!  They are burning a hole in my pocket… (well, backpack or such)…

NewGown_042808_235540 So, gots to port to IoQD.  We take a look at the goods available.  Choice is between Adorned Supernal Legwraps, Gown of Spiritual Wonder, Slippers of Dutiful Mending (although they are only 75 badges) and Anveena’s Touch (that is 60 badges).  Looking at what I have equipped, the Gown looks like the best upgrade for me from my Masquerade Gown.  I pick it up and now have only 1 badge left .. (*cry*)

Kezz is nice enough to enchant my new lootz with Enchant Chest – Major Spirit and gem it up with a Blessed Tanzanite that dropped in the heroic we just did (good timing, eh?).  Major increase in +healing.  With just my own Spirit buff, I am now at 1902 +healing!  Woot!

MonkeyPhonics_042908_004820 After that, I was asked if I wanted to go run 5v5 arena with the arena group I am in (although I haven’t been joining them much).  Sure!  So, I swap to Fimlys and we hit up 6 runs on him. Then I swap to Fhuun and finish up 4 more on him..  We end 5-5 for the night.  I think that is pretty darn good for us.. (Fhuun even got a kill one round)

After that I had to get some sleep.  So, that is where it ends.  Tonight is first group Kara night.  I assume I’ll be bringing in Fhuun for his haelz.. 😀  If not, for some reason, then I will go level Fyra.

I’m outta here! 

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