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April 2008
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Of Mice and Gruul

Another big bang weekend post comin’ at ‘cha! 3 Days, much WoWing goin’ on. Friday Gruul’s, Sat and Sun were leveling the Drood. Shall we see what occurred? Lets!

Friday was a good night. It is our weekly Gruul’s Lair run with another guild (as you probably already know). We’ve got the High King fight pretty well in hand now. It’s amazing what a few weeks will do. A month or so ago, we couldn’t even down that bunch and now we one shot them every week. The warrior/priest/druid shoulders dropped again and this time Fhuun didn’t roll a 4 or a 7. I rolled an 80 and won! Woot! Yay for T4 shoulders: Light-Mantle of the Incarnate. They are a decent upgrade with even the low level Aldor enchant and some nice gems.

After that, we made our way to Gruul himself. After a few false starts (read… wipes) we finally managed to take him down! Go us! It was a very emotional moment for all of us. Our MT even went down during the fight and the OT picked him up and we continued. During the last shatter, he blew me across the room into a cave-in.. 🙁 My shield didn’t last very long during that and with the ensuing shatter damage, I took a dirt nap. Luckily he was pretty far down at that point and they were able to pull it off. No priest tokens, but I would have passed anyway.

RowRow_042608_223825 Saturday and Sunday were taken up with leveling Fyra. Mythos finished up with the Thursday Kara run and so I spent my time on Saturday riding the leveling bandwagon. In addition to that, we also got people ported into Heroic Slave Pens to finish their quest that used to give you access to SSC. Woot! Free 24G or somesuch… Fyra is moving along nicely and as of Sunday night, she was up to level 64!!

I am not sure what is up tonight with the guild. Maybe we can get an heroic instance run going (tried last night, no luck). Fhuun still needs a lot of rep all over the place (although I am not sure what for..). Fyra_042708_202831 Fyra still needs 6 levels and I really don’t want to change Fhuun over from Herbalism to tailoring until she gets to 70. So, moving her forward would be good. I have the quests for Underbog for Sporregar, maybe we’ll do that tonight..


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