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April 2008
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Groovin’ the Mythos

Many of my fellow bloggers seem to be either discontent with their guilds (not an uncommon thing) or have already left. Instead of writing a post about “What to look for in a guild” since everyone’s taste is different, I am going to write about what I like about the guild I am in, Mythos. A lot of these might be duplicates just worded differently.. eh, deal with it.

  • Easy, relaxed attitude
    • No forced raiding
    • No forced PvP
    • No forced nuttin’ other than be a good person (you gotta play a little, I think)
  • People who obviously care about others in the guild and are very friendly
  • Generous attitude toward ALTs (who knows which is which anyway sometimes)
  • People who want to raid can (usually) and those who don’t want to, don’t have to.
  • No DKP, we roll on what we want and there are no hard feelings.
  • Everyone is more than willing to help you out if they have time (crafting, etc)
  • Drama is kept to a minimum and tends to burn out pretty quickly if it comes up
  • Generally great people
  • Good raid time for me (6 server, 9 eastern US time)

Mythos1_031108_211051 This all doesn’t mean that you can’t login and talk in guild chat and nobody responds. But nobody is getting all bent out of shape if it does. If someone tries to get an instance run together and it just doesn’t work, they don’t scream and rant, they just assume people don’t want to go and move on.

Also doesn’t mean there aren’t things I wish could be done differently. Other felt that way enough to leave and go to other guilds. But, I think that if those changes (progression speed, more organization in general) changed the general feel of the guild, I would be very sad.

Dancing_042308_214657 There is much more that I like about the guild, but really it all comes down to the people. We all want to have fun and we also want everyone else to have fun too. We don’t go into a tizzy if one of the healers forgot to repair before he showed up for Kara (ahem.. sorry) and if you run out of pots you can usually ask around and someone will give you one (or more). “Anyone have any more stamina food” is something heard a lot when we have been going through a wipe-fest. And many chime up with, “I do, Trade me!”.

We only ask that everyone join the vent channel, but you don’t have to talk. Nobody is screaming on vent and our GL does a great job in making sure we have a really good service. (THANKS!)

PriestlyDancin_032008_212107 Do I wish we were further on in progression? Sure. Do I wish that we had more general chatter on the forums? Sure. Do I look at some of the other guilds and wonder what it would be like to have things like “class leads”? Well, maybe. But again, I wouldn’t change what we are just to shoehorn those things in. I like playing WoW because of the people I play with.. And the people I play WoW with the most are the ones in the guild called Mythos.