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April 2008
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A Hunter’s Life for Me

Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A Hunter’s Life for Me.

Musical interlude is over. It’s clobberin’ time! New schedule for Mythos (well, has been this way for a couple of weeks now) is:

  • Tuesday/Wednesday: Kara Group 1
  • Thurs/Saturday: Kara Group 2
  • Friday: Gruul’s
  • Sunday/Monday: Arena/Finish Kara Group 2 (if necessary)

You already know about the T/W Kara run. Well, I logged in last night and figuring that they already had enough for the group 2 (they usually do), I hopped on Fyra and headed to Zangarmarsh for a little questing action. Did a bunch of quests (deja vu… I feel like I have done these quests before) and got her to 20k shy of 63. At this point Kezz whispers me, “I’m tired, do you want to take my place in Kara if I leave?”.. “Sure!”.

Maiden_042408_233912 So, I log in Fimlys!!! I KNOW!!! WOW! I get to bring my hunter… Um.. where is that steady shot button again??? Hmmmm…. I’m summoned up.. (Is 5.8k arrows enough???) They have cleared Attumen, Moroes and the Opera. I join them up near the hallway to the Maiden which is our next victim. WOW! There are a TON of Hunters here.. 🙂 Lets see… 1, 2, 3, 4… 4 hunters.. At least 2 of which are BM. Holy cow! It’s like running the 10 man with 14.. :D… Glad I don’t need anything that drops here…

We are a super-duper DPS machine ! We mow through the trash and take on the big girl herself. Unsurprisingly, she goes down pretty quickly. Yay Badges! Next up is the Curator. The thought of the 4 hunters letting loose on the adds and then on the machine itself… Oooo.. Shivers… 😀

CuratorDown_042508_001234 We marched our way up to the fight. Taking down all in our path with ease. We set up and it starts. Adds are going down smooth. One down before the next arrives. All pets on the Curator. Pew Pew Pew. In between the sparks, I pop a stead shot on the boss. Time to open up? BAM! We nail him down to 38%. All the sparks in the next set go down quick again. He is down below 15% just as he hits the next “smackin’ time”. BAM! He hits the floor.. Victory is sweet. DPS is da bomb! Yay more Badges…

Nightbane_042508_003445 Getting late, why not go back down to Nightbane. Maybe this night will be different than the previous… Uh, no… Bah.. Pain.. My feign saves me one of many deaths until everything clicks and the tank stays up and the healers stay up and the skeletal dragon that is burning from the inside goes down in a heap of bones and flames. More Badges! Fim has 141 badges now… Hmm.. time to go shopping.

The raid is over, so I port back to shat and take the portal to IoQD. Hmm.. Leggings of the Pursuit or Scaled Drakeskin Chestguard? Taking into account that I would be losing a bit of AP with the Chestguard, I pick up the leggings. I need to make an upgrade for it and put in some nice gems and it will be a really good upgrade. Woot!

That’s how the night went. Excitement in a bottle, I say! Anyone else writing any WoWKus??? Hmm.. I should work on some more. 🙂 Tonight is Gruul’s as usual. Hopefully it will be his night to DIEDIEDIE! Also, maybe I’ll pick up a token.. HAHAHAHA (yeah right).. Oh well, later all!