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April 2008
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The Bane of Last Night

I wasn’t going to do it. Really. I wasn’t going to be on to go to Kara and experience the end of the awesomeness that was our night of one shots (see previous Kara post). But I just couldn’t stay away! I was invited and pretty soon, we were on our way.

Having killed the Shade the night before, we could just port up to his room. We made our way to the Chess event.  Along the way we had a bit of a misstep. Well, Arienna (Kezz) did.  She happened to back up off the ledge!!!! Ooops… Too far to rez.. *laugh giggle snort*.. (Of course later on I autoran my way into the mobs before illhoof and took a dirt nap too…. 😛 ).

Chess was easy-peasy as usual. Moved on up to the Prince.  One shot! Our offtank took a nap while we fought (he got caught in the blastwave a little quickly) but we got him down without too much drama. Warrior,Priest,Druid token dropped, but I already have my T4 Helm. I was nice and let one of the warriors take it (Bligh). I know I could have gotten the IoQD gear, but that’s ok, maybe next time.

WoWScrnShot_042308_221537 Down to Netherspite. We’ve got our Lock tonight, so it isn’t too much of a hassle.  PoH is a great thing to have to boost up your party-mates in this fight.  Also pretty much just popped Renews on everyone constantly.  One shot again!

Who’s next?  Illhoof.  This is where I bungle my way into the mobs and bite it.  I’m rezzed and we head in to see how we do.  We went it “old-school” without a pally tank this time and it went alright.  Of course, I died when I was chained.. BAH! Still and All….. One shotto!

Bane_042308_234643Last, but not least (bah) was Nightbane. Our bane, this night! Far from one shotting him, it took us quite a few tries before we were successful. In the end, the main tank died just as Nightbane hit 75% and then the off tank picked him up on landing and did a stellar job holding him and staying alive.

I didn’t get any gear from this night, but I did get lots of badges.  I’m getting closer to the 100 badge number I need for at least a couple of things on the new badge vendor. Tonight starts another Kara run, I believe. If they need Fimlys, I’ll bring him in, but otherwise I’ll work on leveling Fyra.  That’s all I got for today.  Have a good one.

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