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April 2008
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Pirates of the Karabbean

Arrrrrrg… I bet you can’t guess where we went last night? Gruul’s?  Magtheradon? SSC? TK? NOPE!!!!  Karazhan.. Yeah, I knew you wouldn’t be able to guess..

So, lets get into it, shall we?  I really don’t have all that much to post about.  I will save you long winded recaps of all the boss fights (I’m not that good at remembering them anyway).  I logged in on Fimlys and was asked by the RL if I wanted to bring Fhuun in to heal a Kara badge run.  “Sure! Unless you want Fimlys..”… “No thanks. Fhuun would be great”.. “Ok..”.  🙂  No love for Fim.. Awwww. (Maybe he gets to go on Thurs…)

Standing_042208_220542 We headed in and rocked the joint! Bang Bang Bang the bosses went down. Attumen, Moroes, Big Bad Wolf, Maiden, Curator, Shade of Aran.  Yep!  I said the SHADE!!!  We did a particularly awesome job and cleared all the way up to (and through) the Shade in one night.  We one shot all the bosses and I think I died the most of anyone (being pretty squishy).  There were no wipes (not even on trash) and no runbacks.  Very few mistakes were made and we handled them all pretty easily.

ShadeDoor_042308_004330 I did pick up the Gloves of Saintly Blessings from Attumen since nobody wanted them and I didn’t have them yet.  I has the T4 gloves, but it never hurts to have some others to play with.  Given the gem slots, I might even be able to make these better (depending on if I want to keep the T4 2item buff). 

Last week Bre put up a post on Gun Lovin’ Dwarf Chick called Priest Page-Personalized Efficiency. She heard about a site which shows priests your personalized efficiency with different spells.  Lets you calculate your downranking pretty easily.  I took a look and it turns out (until I get some other “Tier” gear) that if I stop using Heal (Rank 4) and switch to my Greater Heal (Rank 2) [or I could even go down to rank 1], I increase my mana efficiency significantly.  Plus, the Greater Heal can trip Clearcasting! (BONUS!!!).

Fhuun_042208_225748 I put this to the test last night and I have to say I think it worked out pretty well.  It does cost more mana if you are doing too much overhealing (since you are wasting that extra healing you get for the extra mana it costs over Heal), but I’m usually pretty good at avoiding that. All in all, I was pretty happy with the change I made and I might even go down to Rank 1 and see how that works out next time.

Tonight I am probably not going to be on Draenor until late and so I might just level Fyra unless they need me for Kara when I get on.  Have a good one!