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April 2008
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Bada Boom-kin

Ok Ok Ok.. So I got this Drood.. She is level 62. Her name is Fyra.  You know all this, but I tell u cuz I like u.  Don forget dat! Ok. Ok. Ok. So the end of the Kara run don happen. I ring up my buddies and I say, “YO! Lets go hang wit da mob in ramps.”.  We gets together a group. Pil [priest], Kezz [mage], Stopitnow [rogue] (I said Stopit!), 63 Bear Tank and yous truly (Fyra of da badaboom!)

Ramps_042108_214708Fyra had the quest for killing the bosses in Ramparts and we had a fun time rolling through the place.  I have to say that I think she did pretty well for a little 62.  Her damage output is pretty nice and should get better.  She picked up a nice new staff and a few other pieces of gear from the quests.  (Some Kitty gear too since the boom gear was not an upgrade).

Boss_042108_231203 After the ramps run, everyone graciously offered to go into Blood Furnace to work on the next quest with me.  Once again, with 3 70s this was pretty easy.  Especially with Kezz and Stopit, 2 of the best DPS in the guild.  Pil was having fun through both runs only healing with Prayer of Mending which attributes the healing to the person healed.  He ended the furnace run being the bottom of both the damage and healing charts.. 😀  LOL .. Go Pil!

So, Fyra is still 62 but 3/4 of the way to 63 and got to Honored with HH rep.  She picked up 2 new Alchemy recipes. Recipe: Elixir of Major Agility and Recipe: Transmute Skyfire Diamond. Also picked up the Sage’s Band which was an upgrade for me.. YAY! And I might just have to pick up the Wyrmhide Gloves when I hit 70. Looks like PvP gear is the best boomkin gear for right now…

Outtahere_042108_232803 Today is Tuesday. We might be starting a kara run tonight.  I also need to go run Fimlys over to IoQD to pick up one badge vendor item.  Haven’t figured out which would be best, but I’ll get one.  I have 135 badges I think..  Maybe they will let me bring Fim into Kara tonight.. 😀

Ah well, have a good one. 🙂