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April 2008
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We’re Going Down, Down

I think I spent more time dead than alive this weekend.. Well, that’s what it felt like anyway. Friday Gruul’s, Saturday leveling Fyra, Sunday Heroic Ramps. Hmm.. doesn’t sound so bad so far, eh?

Yeah, on Friday we went into Gruul’s Lair on our weekly raid. High King goes down on first try again (we’re getting good at that fight). Onward to Gruul… We tried and we tried and we triiiiied. But, everybody wants to put us down… Um.. Well, Gruul does.  We just can’t get him down fast enough.  The growths overtake us and we are toast.  We did get him to 14% though!  (once 14% and once 15%)  We are getting better and I think if we swap out one of the lower output healers for a good DPS, we should be all set. The token for warrior,priest,druid dropped again from High King… I rolled even worse than last week!  I got a 4!!!! Ugh..

ABirdie_041908_221719 Moving on to Saturday. I got on a little late and most everyone was in Kara so I decided to work on leveling Fyra.  She finally dinged 62 and we’ve been working on the Zangarmarsh quests right now. I’m still enjoying the Balance Spec although I might go redo it a bit next level (switch things up a big).  It would be nice if the Boomkin had a few more extra attack spells.. Maybe ones that are only available in that form.  Ah well.  Still fun.

On Sunday I got on late again but was pulled into a group by Pil and Kezz to run Heroic Ramparts since that was the daily.  We also brought in a ‘somewhat’ new tanking warrior. Pil called it a “training run” a bit.  We definitely brought on the hurt!  Well, hurt to us… There was lots of dying, but also lots of learning, so that is good.  In the end we got the first 2 bosses down, but couldn’t seal the deal on the end boss (we tried.. ooooh we tried) and had to give it up.  All in all I had a fun time even though I was pretty tired throughout.

WoWScrnShot_041908_223519I’m not sure at this point what tonight will bring. It’s Monday.  Maybe we’ll try to run a quick badge run Kara (with those who aren’t saved yet) or maybe a MrT run or possibly a (normal) Ramps and Furnace run for Fyra (YAY!).  I’d love to push her to 70 already.

Hope this weekend was kind for you!  Oh, the poll!  Looks like the Undead win by a hair… Troll and Tauren in second place and Blood Elf and Orc (and Horde SUCKS) bringing in the rear!  Thanks for playing!  Hopefully I will get a new poll up and running soon. Later All!