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April 2008
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You got your Magtheradon in my Gruul!

The capitalization for today’s post comes to you care of Anna, Anna and Anna of Too Many Annas! Go Go Go (Well, after you read my post..)

Ok.. so I’m a doofus. (Is that spelled correctly? I am not sure I care). In my last post, I said I was hoping to level Fyra some on Friday…. Uh.. DUH! It’s GRUUL DAY! Friday is the day we join with another guild and make a stab at the big guy! How did it go? Lets find out.

So, we assemble as usual in the cave. I parked Fimlys and brought Fhuun over (remembering to get more candles, yay!). Fhuun was invited and after about 30 minutes more, we entered the cave. Trash went down pretty easily, as usual. The strategy of sitting on the backside of those warrior types works great to keep the charges from happening.

We set up our healing assignments and pulling assignments and tanking assignments and killing assignments.. 😛 (Lots of assignments.. thankfully I wasn’t doing it!). And off we went!…. I was assigned to the main tank that was on the High King. Not too much in the way of drama and… He’s DOWN!! ONE SHOT! Woot! First time for our collective guilds. It was very exciting.

WoWScrnShot_041108_222504And… 2 tokens for Warrior,Priest,Druid! Everyone rolls but me. Why? I wanted to know what the piece was so I can see if it would really be an upgrade (since we were asked not to roll if it wouldn’t really help you).. Well, I finally got the info, but not after they gave one of them away and were about to give away the second. Finally, I roll… UGH.. 7… Bah.. Waste everyone’s time why don’t I.. 😛

Next up was Gruul! Cleared through the trash and we buff up and wade in! Get him down to a little less than 50% and then too many healers are dying. Tanks are too far out of range for the ones that are left.. Agh! It’s a wipe (not really very surprising). We run back to find… The door didn’t open! Uh oh… Can’t get back in to fight him again. We try numerous means to get it to reset (except for leaving and waiting 30 minutes…) but to no avail.

WoWScrnShot_041108_233823 Hmm… Lets go try Magtheridon!!! Hmm.. Kill lots o’ trash… Yay.. I keep dying on the trash (not yay). Ok.. Pretty cool.. See Mag from down here! Woot. Long explanation of what goes on. Ok Ok.. I heal this tank.. Got it! Start it up, we go for a few minutes and then… “WIPE” (of course). Run back.. Same positions. We get all the 5 “dudes who must die” down and then wipe on Mag. At this point some of our number have to get going and we call it a night. Was a fun time though!

Saturday was level Fyra a little, day. Rest of the guild went to finish (mostly) their Karazhan run and I ran around Hellfire Peninsula doing quests. Didn’t get her to 62, but she is getting closer. I logged in Fimlys and did some fishing and then called it a night.

Mag_041208_000925 Sunday I was busy with another project and didn’t get on to play until pretty late. I did a bit of fishing with Fimlys again (Raw Greater Sagefish FTW) and then called it a night..

I will be out of town on Work stuff for the next few days so it will be kinda quiet around here. I should be back to post on Friday hopefully. Good luck this week and I’ll see you on the flip side!