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April 2008
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To Heal Somebody

Keeping with yesterday’s caucus on post titles, today’s post title was picked from a host of equally awful titles by the Blog Azeroth community’s own Nightravvn from NE Hunter L4Mobs, PST! Give her some props for being my guinea pig of the day… Thanks!!! (And go visit her site.. It’s hunteriffic…) – Did you get the title reference? Similar to yesterday!!

No, this is NOT a post about Kara.. I decided that I would leave the Karazhaning to others last night and was going to work on leveling Fyra. She is still level 61 and I’d like to move her up some. 🙂

But I was getting bored… I messaged some guildies and asked what was up for the night.. (those not going to kara, that is).  Soon, I was invited to go to a Heroic Magister’s Terrace. Woot!  I decided to bring Fhuun for his uber healingness.. (well, I just was more in the mood to heal I guess). Group was:

  • Warrior (Tank)
  • Mage (Fire)
  • Hunter (??)
  • Rogue (Super-Duper)
  • Priest (Moi)

SunnyBoss1_041008_224223 I had never run MrT in heroic, so it was pretty cool.. The first boss and the trash before him was not much harder than non-heroic.  A little more Prayer of Healing on the boss than previously, but not too bad.  Same silly deaths and such leading up to him, but we did alright. Our rogue had some issues sapping (he kept getting seen for some reason….) which was odd, but, ah well..

Moving on through to the second boss, we had fun with the little mana dudes.. That take a little more effort in heroic to take down (given that they have more HP). We then got to boss #2…. Boy was he a pain.  In heroic he drops two of his adds at a time. I had extreme difficulty keeping the tank (who didn’t have all that much arcane gear) healed up and also keep everyone else up.  We tried quite a few times before finally getting him down.  The warrior was the only one up and he was quite low on health.  I had just died and so healed him a bit in “angel” form.. 🙂  But we did it. 

Boss2_041008_225345 Purple from Selin Fireheart was the Eversong Cuffs which were sharded (boo) and Vexallus dropped Edge of Oppression, which the warrior took for DPS. Also, I picked up a Sun Touched Satchel, so I was happy.. 🙂

After Vexallus, the warrior had to leave and we couldn’t find a replacement so we called it a night. I hearthed back to Shat and logged out.  And that, as they say, was that!

MagTer_041008_234420 Tonight?  I have no idea what is going on.  Maybe I’ll drag together a group to help Fyra with her quests in HP (get’em done).  Also drag them into the HP Dungeons.  If I can get those 2 done, that should ding her 62 tonight.  A guildie wants people to go with HIS little druid into the Zangarmarsh dungeons and I want to be 62 at least to head in. I guess we’ll just have to see!  Have a good one!