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April 2008
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How Can You Mend a Broken Hearthstone?

The title for today’s post was picked (out of a bevy of titles created by yours truly) by Breana of Gun Loving Dwarf Chick. Give her props if you like it.. Blame me if you don’t.. 🙂

Back into the deep dark spire (can a spire be deep and dark???) of Karazhan we went.. We climbed the broken staircase and met up in the Curator’s room (given that he was oddly absent…).

The group was a little different than last night.  Our "noob" (JK!! JK!!) Warrior wasn’t around at raid start, so we brought in another warrior for off-tank.  We also brought in a DPS warrior instead of the second rogue and we had a lock instead of one of the hunters. So….

  • 3 Warriors (2 tanks, 1 dps)
  • 3 Healers (2 Priests [me,pil], 1 Druid [karine])
  • 2 Hunters
  • 1 Rogue
  • 1 Warlock

This group was a pretty good one.  We had little problems with the trash on the way to the Shade. Having a lock for this is great since "see invisible" lets you see the little shades on the way up (the ones that disappear) and you can keep your marks.

Shade_040908_222733 We had a slight issue with some N00B moving during the Flame Wreath on the first try at the Shade of Aran.  :D  We had him down to the elementals at that point.. Ah well … Then we ran back up and took him down without anyone (other than pets) taking a dirt nap!! Woot! I don’t think that is the first time we had done that, but it is satisfying none-the-less.

We moved on to the Chess Event and that was it’s normal easy epic lootz.  Then we headed up to the Prince. We did our normal strategy of all ranged over by the door and tanking him far enough away to be out of the AOE blast.  With so many melee though, it was a little tougher than usual.  The melee tended to die pretty quickly in the fight.  The infernals still can drop between us and him, but although their AOE doesn’t hit the ranged/healers, it causes havoc with the melee.

Prince_040908_231505 First try, we had a wee problem that one of the hunters pulled aggro off of the tank at one point (I think in the second phase).  He moved back, but the tank had shifted closer during that.  BOOM… Most of the raid dies during the AOE.. Oooops… Back we come (SS FTW) and pick him off on the second try (melee still go down pretty quick…). 

Back down to Netherspite. With a lock in the party, could this be any easier?  He was bugging a bit going into banish mode, so we had a very small banish each time, but it worked out and everyone was on the ball with the beams.  A couple of banishes and it was all over.

Netherspite_041008_000253 We were all getting kinda sleepy, but we managed to make our way over to Illhoof.. Well, have to say that this party makeup is not well suited for killing him… We didn’t.. We tried twice and then people had to get going.  We left Kara with Illhoof and Nightbane still alive and kicking, but those are 2 fights that are easy to get to.

Tonight they are starting another Kara raid with a different group of alts/others.  If they need Fimlys, I’ll bring him, but otherwise I might just level Fyra some.  I’ve been neglecting her recently.

P3ac3 out.

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