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April 2008
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Live Undead Mobs

Mixing it up again, Mythos decided to take a walk on the wild side and head into Kara again last night! Usually we start on Wednesday, but figured we might be able to get 2 runs in a week (alts, etc.) if we did tues/wed and thurs/sat.. I’m not sure if I will bring Fim into the thur/sat runs, we’ll see what they need. I might take the time to work on Fyra and get her to 70.

So.. I was invited into the group and we ended up with:

  • 2 Warriors (one was from Monday night, had only been to Kara once)
  • 3 Healers (2 Priest [including me] and a Druid)
  • 3 Hunters
  • 2 Rogues

WoWScrnShot_040808_214925 So, as you can see, we were a very interesting group. Things went pretty well. We had a few wipes on trash (bah) that were somewhat unexpected, but otherwise things went well. We one shot all the bosses we tried except for Nightbane (whom we tried once at the end of the night and then decided to go for the Maiden instead).

Attumen, Moroes, Opera (Big Bad Wolf), Curator, Maiden. All down. Of course I was on Fhuun and the Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle drops.. Ah well.. At least there were 3 hunters to fight over it.. 🙂

BigBad_040808_232637 We are bad, but we did have fun taunting the new warrior to be careful not to pull the mobs we left standing around (the dancers we don’t clear, etc.).. “Watch out not to run through the Live Undead Mobs that are still around…”.. hehe

We did have some interesting pulls though. Somehow in the maiden hallway, one of the mobs started running into one of the side rooms. Pulling a pet along with it!! Yes, it pulled 4 more out of the room.. We survived okay though. Happy Ice Traps and Shackles!

Also, the other priest started out the night (other than boss fights) doing DPS. For a while he was second on the DPS chart behind our Super-Rogue. 🙂

Curator_040908_002051 The main purpose for this run was to get BoJs… Getting ready for that Badge Vendor in the SSO content! I think there even might be a few things that Fim wants. I’ll have to check it out in more detail when I get a chance. Tonight is the continuation of that Kara run. Shade of Aran, Netherspite, Chess, Prince, Nightbane (again). Hopefully they will all go quickly. I’ll c u l8r!

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