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April 2008
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Hunt and Peck

Back in the Groove! Well, I think I am getting there anyway.  Last night was, uh, interesting…

I logged in as Fimlys (I Know!) and was immediately invited into a group by Bligh. "We’re doing Magister’s Terrace, non-heroic."… "Ok", I said. We proceeded in with Bligh (Warrior, MT), 2 mages (including Kezz), 1 Druid (Healer), and me [and Kenny]. I haven’t done many instances, etc with Fimlys lately and getting that hunter mentality took a bit of time..

MrT2_040708_224508 We had quite a few wipes on trash (boo) but the bosses were cake.. Healing ring dropped for our Druid from Kael. Having all those wipes and no "full" rezzer was annoying, but, ah well.

While we were in the instance, the rest of the guild seemed to be trying to get a Karazhan run together! (While we were busy "running" 😛 ).  After we finished up, the 5 of us joined up with the budding Kara group and headed in.  I had switched over to Fhuun since he needs the badges more than Fim does.  In addition, they kinda needed a healer much more than another DPS.

Dragonhawk_040708_231917 It was a very "screwy" group makeup, but it worked out okay.  We had 2 healers, Fhuun and Karine (druid).  There were 2 Warrior tanks (one of which had never been in Kara), 3 Hunters, 2 Mages and 1 Rogue.

We decided to skip Attumen since he only drops 1 badge (and this was a badge run).  Straight away to Moroes we go. HOLD ON! Something is not right with my Healbot.  This is not good.  My bars are really not setup for healing without healbot.  I can do it, but it isn’t pretty. 😛

"Guys, let me see if I can find an update".. I download the update and relog.  ARGH!! This version dumps your setup for spells and buffs and such.. Blech.. Have to reset that stuff up.. OK.. Ready for Moroes finally.  Things went pretty well actually and we killed 3 of the adds before Moroes hit the floor.  Popped the 4th and YAY, 2 BoJ! Woot!

FhuunOpera_040808_005349 Feeling much more confident both in our group and my skills as a Healer again, I followed everyone to the Opera Event. One of the mages had to go, so we 9 manned up to the actual event.  We then picked up a Paladin that is a friend of our rogue. Which event did we get?  Oz! We actually do pretty well with this one and know our strategy.  Of course, we only had 1 mage to fireball the Strawman, but we managed and pulled it out with only one death (I think).  2 more badges! 

By this time it was getting late and some of the peeps had to get going so the run was called.  4 BoJ wasn’t too bad a haul for a quick little jaunt.  Fhuun is now up to 42! I was getting sleepy at that point too, so I called it a night.

DH1_040708_232036 Tonight is another "off" night.  It sounds like people might want to go back into Kara for some more badges, but the real run starts tomorrow night.  Not sure we want to preempt it.  I’d love to start trying to get a few forays into SSC or TK going (at least to kill trash). In addition, I want to bring Fhuun into MrT heroic.  That should be interesting.

That’s it for me. Don’t forget to vote on the right if you haven’t and leave a comment in the "Fimlys Wants to know" post!  Why do you like Draenei so much? Why are you a Dorf luhver? I wants to know that too! :D  Later all.