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April 2008
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Sand & Sun Offensive

Hmm.. This last week I participated in a different kind of Rep grind.  I spent the week in the Sunny land of St. Maarten in the Caribbean.  Days of lounging by the pool.  Sprawled out in a drunken stupor (ok, not really drunken.. nor was there much stupor.. actually very little "sprawling" was done either).  I was there with my family on vacation.  We had a good time, but I think I need to start planning a vacation after my vacations just to recuperate.

No Kara raids. No Gruul raids. No SSC. No TK. So, a pretty boring first post back eh?

IMG_2099 Well, I DID get to login last night for a while. Draenor is on phase 3 now and so there are a very large number of daily quests to wrangle with.  Fhuun had done the MrT run when the patch came out and so I jumped Fimlys over there to partake in the daily quest madness.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be actually.

Because I logged in pretty late, I missed out on taking Fim into MrT with another group of guildies, but he did run around and take out a good chunk of the dailies pretty quickly. At least the ones on the island. I am not really one for daily quests to begin with, so I am impressed I did them at all.

SSO_040708_011327 I’m also not sure I will be "up to speed" again enough tonight to run a Z’A attempt, so maybe we’ll scrap it for more rep grind super-fun!  I dunno. We’ll see what people think when I log in tonight. I’m still pretty tired from the week’s festivities.

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