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March 2008
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Locked on the Karausel of Time

Not another Karazhan post! Yeah, I know that is what you are saying. Well, too bad. I don’t have anything else to post about, and this might be my last one for a while, so you better enjoy it!

I have seen the enemy… And it is named Glitch. Lets start from the beginning, shall we?  Normal RL was not coming again last night and Pil took up the reigns again and did a great job.  He is even starting to remember to set Master Loot! :D  I logged in Fhuun and was summoned to the stone.  No paladin buffs, so we have to watch that threat a little more. First stop is the Shade of Aran

First attempt went badly.  We did a decent job burning him down and keeping his mana up, but we lost some key DPS in the beginning and then Pil went down.  Having only 2 healers, I was on my own.  Not long after that he focus-fired and I was history too.  The few that were left fought on valiantly, but it was to no avail.

Next try, DPS stayed up and he was taken down pretty easily. His Sapphire dropped and some other thing that was pretty awesome and I can’t remember it.  Well, maybe it wasn’t so awesome if I can’t remember it…. Hmm….  We did get Badges.. 🙂 That I remember… (mumble, mumble, mumble).

WoWScrnShot_032708_221841 "OK.. Lets go. Um, Guys?  Why does the door still say LOCKED?".. Rogue, can you pick it? Nope..  Um.. we killed him.. We looted him.. Door doesn’t open… HEEEELLP!!!  We are locked in the shades room! HEY! ANYONE OUT THERE?  UGH…  Yep, we were locked in the room.  The door didn’t come unlocked after we killed him.  Thankfully we had 2 alts parked down at the stone and we had them summon us all down and out. Of course, this meant running all the way back up and if we wiped we would have to run up again! No port to the Shade’s room… DOOR IS LOCKED.

WoWScrnShot_032708_225229 We opened a ticket, but didn’t get a response afaik. We soldiered on to the Chess Event and then up to the Prince.  We traded out the Rogue for his Tree Drood for the extra healing and also had to swap out our ‘lock for a DPS Warrior. (Melee ftl on Prince)… We burned him down pretty quick and the healing was not a problem at all.  I took one pot near the end just to make sure I had enough to keep up the tank if anything went wrong.  We even had a couple ppl pull aggro off the MT and still managed to keep them up.  The melee went down, but we had no real issues. Warrior, Priest, Druid token dropped.  Only one of the Warriors (we had 3) needed it and neither priest nor the druid did.

Back down to Netherspite we go.  Pil gives out the assignments and we head in.  First portal phase goes fine, and we run back to the windows for the banish phase.  Next portal phase.  Before the beams show up, one of the 2 DPS warriors takes aggro and goes down.. OH NOES!  He was the first red beam this time.  Tree Druid runs over and fails to switch to bear form and gets ganked in the red beam.. BAH!!!  Yep.  wipe-o-fest.

Nightbane_032708_235621 Instead of running all the way back up (and we were getting pretty tired anyway), we hit up Nightbane. Mage swaps for Prot Warrior and we now have 4 (FOUR!) Warriors.  2 Prot, 2 DPS. Nice thing is that they picked up the adds on the flight phase pretty easily. 😀 Yay..  Everything went like clockwork and we took him down in a little over 10minutes.  I don’t really remember how long it usually takes us, but I think we might have been a mite bit DPS challenged compared to normal. 4 Warriors (although 2 do decent DPS) and 3 healers, 2 Hungers and a Mage.  (no partridge in a pear tree) .  Nightstaff of the Everliving dropped and since no one else wanted it, I picked it up.  The amount of Spirit on that thing is impressive.  With an enchant, I think it gives me more +healing (and I think +MP5) than the Light’s Justice and Aran’s Soothing Sapphire I have now.  We’ll have to see.

After Nightbane, we called it a wrap and ported back to Shat and I headed off to sleepland. 

Well folks, thus goes my last post for a week or so (maybe..). I hope you all have a great and rewarding week.  I hope to see some advancement on the 2.4 Phases when I get back too! Peace.